Day 4 #letsALLconnect #RaceForPeace

First night slept six hours since we started the race for peace. We woke refreshed and wanted to workout, but the gym turned out to be too small with no proper working equipment. So, Manuel jumped in the pool for some morning cardio. We connected with the Indian housekeeper at the motel. He was inspired by the movement and shared a couple of words about Peace in his native language. A veteran from Chicago also gave us a statement about peace via video. (We are sharing a lot of these amazing videos on our social platforms)

We realize the jeep “road office” can be a little tricky with the internet connection. We ended the day visiting ASU during a sports event. We create a chain for peace in 1 minute with over 30 ASU students.

We met Connor, a Native American musician we met at the Grammys this year at a bar. Reconnecting with him was great. He told us about the origin of Thanksgiving and the connection between Native Americans and the American people. We look forward to learning more and connecting more Native Americans and American people together for peace. The connecting never stops.

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