Friends for life

Do we have them?

How did you meet your best friends?

I still remember it like it was yesterday: It was early November of my 7th grade year. I recently just moved schools so of course I knew absolutely no one and to add on top that I was bullied at my old school which didn’t really help me self-esteem. I remember walking into my 3rd period late because I got lost (New kid problems) and standing in the front of the class looking for a seat.

There was only one spot open.

I sat next to Kevin. Over the course of the class period, we bonded over the little things like video games and playing trumpet. I slowly felt my self-esteem get better like I no longer had to worry about who I was around. The bell rang and lunch started. Now typically as the new kid, it’s always hard to find where to sit, but that day Kevin saved me a spot. We sat at a round table near the exit with, I believe, 6 other guys. 2 of them where sitting next to Kevin and I.

8th grade: Dec. 16 2011

Their names were Jon and James.

Where are they now?

James is in North Carolina studying in one of the only schools associated with NASCAR, Kevin is still in our hometown of Vancouver, Washington studying at Washington State University and Jon and I room together at Western Washington University.

Isn’t it hard trying to communicate?

Not really no. Thanks to the internet, especially social media, it has become very easy to communicate with all of them. Sometimes when we are all online at once. We use Skype to talk to each other and play games together.

How have they supported or helped you?

Well like I said I use to be bullied at my old middle school so I had low self-esteem as well as dealing with depression and having them around made it easier to recover from it. Instead of having that constant feeling of being alone, they would always be there to listen, hang out with, and make me feel good about myself. There have also been studies that have conducted surveys and experiments that help prove that people who struggle with mental illnesses who have close friends recover quicker and easier than with those who struggle alone. It was the small things like that that made our friendship last so long.

So, would you see this friendship last for the next 20 or 30 years?

It’s the small things like inside jokes and references that create a strong friendship. It’s constantly always being there to listen to and to talk to. Friendships are different than other forms of relationships mostly because you can go weeks, months, maybe even years without seeing your best friend and the moment you speak to them again it’s like you start right where you left off last time. Just because we all live in different regions doesn’t mean we can’t all get online and goof around like we always have.

Now to answer your question: I do see this friendship lasting 20, 30, or however many years. After all what would I, or any of them, do without each other?

Graduation Party: June 17 2016
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