Not early, Not late…Perfect Timing

Imagine you had all the things you ever prayed for or ever wished in life at the exact time you wanted it? Imagine everything happened according to your ways and timing?

According to Mariam Webster, Timing is the precise moment for doing something for optimum effect. In other words, that particular period when something happens.

Time is what most of us fear the most, but deep down we hope to find our lucky grace with time. We hope to find the answers to the “why” and “how come”.

Are we too early? We do not know until life knocks us down so we take a chill pill and wait for the right moment.

Are we too late? Neither do we know as well until life mocks at us for not being where we know we are supposed to be at a precise time. A mystery indeed.

And even if we are too late, are we patient enough? This society where everyone wants the glory and fame so fast that we sometimes quit just at the time everything was supposed to take a different turn.

“Time is always right to do what is right” Martin Luther King Jr.

At least time makes us realize that every fake thing has an expiration date so better wait long than chose wrong. The irony is, that statement is so easy to say, yet the most difficult thing to do.

I believe death gives time all its meaning and clearly portrays the fact that we do not have as much time as we think we have. We come, we go. Life is everything but nothing. It is like a coin, you can spend it only once so invest it right.

We just try to leave in a way that when people will think about us after a certain time, they can have a beautiful memory and a smile too.

Time makes us to understand that we have to cherish those you have before it is too late… It helps us build memories. Memories we can rely on when things have changed. Memories to remind us what we once felt or has once been. We take pictures and videos on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Flipagram, you name capture the moments.

Personally I do not think we hold on to people as much as we think we do, we hold on to the memories and see ourselves making statements like “I remember when we used to plan on naming our first child Inaya”, “I remember when you told me you will be there for me when I fall”, “I remember we used to talk all night about everything and nothing”… sometimes it even goes as deep as “I remember you used to say you love me”, then tomorrow everyone has left and everything is no more what it used to be. Due to the fact that nothing is certain, we should do what we have to do without expecting anything in return. Expectations kill the soul!!!

Sometimes the people are death or our paths just went wayward. Then we think about the amount of time we invested in building things that will never occur or have no meaning. (C’est la vie)… (Laughs).

T.D Jakes said “Nothing just happens.” When people can walk away from you, let them walk. You got to know when people’s part in your story is over instead of trying to raise to death and invest more TIME on the wrong people. The ocean is too vast to focus on a small portion of it.

As time goes by, we realize life is a gamble which is not always fair. Everyone just trying to live and make a name while patiently waiting to die old, in love and a little bit drunk maybe. Some even wish to die while making love. After all, the best death you can have is dying while making what you love best. Life is nothing but yet the most precious thing we could have, let us not forget to live it because we are busy waiting or thinking we do not have enough time, all excuses are usually good for wrong choices.

When you finally discover that you have all the time to live, make sure you are selfish with yourself because everyone does not deserve you.

When you know yourself enough to know what you have to offer, what can you be scared of losing anyway?

You can’t set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.

However, the most beautiful aspect of time is the fact that it gives reason to pains. It does not heal it, but it gives an answer to most of the why and how come. It gives a smile to those who thought it was the end of them. It literally gives sense to everything. Most times, you must endure before you enjoy. If everyone knew the “Tomorrow” of anyone they ever came across then time will not have its beautiful meaning anymore.

Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.

When the wrong thing happens at the wrong time, it leads to the wrong life, a process indeed…Give time to time.

Do your part then God will take of the rest, Live the best of your life then God will give it meaning at the right time.


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