Being dynamic

Of late, have realized that to be adaptive, is one of the greatest attributes, that determine the rate of growth of an individual. The world is dynamically changing and as an individual your supposed to adjust to the changing world with the least time as possible. Especially to techie guys, since their field is among the most dynamic fields and with little delay, you maybe rendered outdated.

And, how do you achieve this adaptive character? First you have to be mentally prepared and ready for any change which comes your way. This way you will find it very easy to adjust and fit in any environment.

Let me give an example with one of my experience. Currently, I joined andela bootcamp and at every morning, you have to do some change-focused improv exercise. At first I was a little reluctant in them, and used to see them been time wastage. But being a routine and a culture in the andela community, i had to do the exercises. I accepted the new culture and as we talk is one of my best moments, i enjoy in andela. It makes me more relaxed than never before and I usually can’t afford miss the exercises. I think is one of the best addictions to have.