Coding Obsessed

For the last few days, it has been me and my computer, busy writing some programming statements on brackets editor, and that what we describe as coding. Most of non-techies usually wonder, what is this thing called coding, coding is actually writing a computer program. Writing statements in a particular programming language in order to perform a given task or automate some work which is usually done manually. Is that not a great job?Just think of that particular task which you do it manually and repeatedly, imagine someone writing a computer program to perform it on your behalf, you only have to press a button and in a few seconds the work is done. That what computer scientist do. Is such a nice field I must admit.

Of late, have been obsessed in coding. Sleeping late in the night and early in the morning, I’m back in the coding business. Come at 12:00 AM and if you won’t find me coding, I will be talking coffee to energize me for the remaining two hours before i head to sleep. That has been my routine since last week. What even makes me stay longer awake these nights, is when I write a program and runs as expected, actually i luck the best words to describe the feelings, it’s such a nice feeling than the one president elect, Donald Trump got when he was announced to have won the presidential seat. And that sometime make me stay till dawn, enjoying coding. What a sweet career line!

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