My motivation to be a data scientist

I am one person who I like been productive, innovative and results oriented. Data science been an interdisciplinary field about processes and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured, which is a continuation of some of the data analysis fields such as statistics, machine learning, data mining, and predictive analytics, similar to Knowledge Discovery in Databases(KDD) encompasses all of my character traits listed above thus why I see data scientist career path its the perfect job match for me. And involving allot of technology to always produce good results.

What really motivate me to be a data analyst, is the potential I usually see in the big data which is currently available in the internet. From my own point of view in this data, lays brilliant business opportunity if well analysed and this will be the solution to the big problem of poverty and unemployment which is a big challenge to our nation.

In addition to job creation, another motivating factor is my love for technology and doing research. Data science career which is very experimental and involving allot of creativity job, is the perfect career path which undoubtedly match with my hobbies.

Another driving factor, for me to venture in data scientist career path, is my previous job in Kenya National Bureau Of Statistics(KNBS), where I worked as a research assistant in collecting ICT data country wide and also participated in data entry of the data. This increased my desire of been a data scientist to be able to sit and analyse this kind of data and deduce a meaningful information from it.

My believe in that best companies directors, CEO, managers and other top position require data science skills is another motivating factor. This is because they are in a capacity to determine important factors that will lead to success of the business. This include the capability to be able to easily tell his customers tastes, how to optimize production, causes of losses and many other factors from the available data.

Furthermore, my love in love and algorithms and mathematics, can be well quenched when I partake a data science career path which requires someone who got good mathematics background and programming skills with deep roots in algorithms. In addition, my curiosity I also guess will rely help me become a better data scientist.

Lately, I have been studying most of python libraries and framework, and the likes of numby, pandas and motplotlab with conjunction with web scraping library, beautifulsoup really empower me to undertake data scientist career path.

In conclusion, I like learning especially materials related to technology. As a matter of fact, I have solely studied two online courses, this is python and java courses from solo learn community and got certified in the two courses and also in progress with JavaScript course. I do understand that data scientist guys need to self motivated and able to learn on there own, thus, I actually see that I’m a good fit for data science job.

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