The ecommerce checkout experience often carries high levels of complexity while also being full of business rules and customisations. Specifically, the payment and order management systems of web checkouts are incredibly complicated processes, are the most susceptible to latency, and incredibly vulnerable to bugs. Bugs which are due to the large amount of coding and third-party integrations involved with the online purchase of a shirt or two. There are, however, ways to make web checkout easier, including better communication channels between web and app, and the implementation of Apple Pay. This blog is about how we, at Poq, have improved…

How to make the most out of your code

Since Apple announced tvOS at WWDC in 2015, there’s been a lot of new helpful tutorials on how to develop and design for tvOS. However, there hasn’t been much written about how to share functionality across platforms and make the most out of your code.

In this article, we’re going to tackle this approach and its concept. This is not a definitive or final solution, but it might give you some insights and inspiration before you start making your next tvOS and iOS Apps.

Manuel Marcos Regalado

iOS Engineer at @poqcommerce Visit my site at

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