I Stopped Working Out Daily. Here’s What Happened.
Darius Foroux

Excellent post Darius! I read the title and I thought you were changing and I asked myself… What the hell is going on there?

I can’t be more agree with you because I workout a lot too and I know exercising could be a routine but the most important thing is that you enjoy it and your taking advantage of it.

I have like 4 years by now, training constantly. The last year, I have been training daily. It’s been tiring and hard. I workout from Monday to Friday. I rest, at least, on Saturday and on Sundays I exercise a little.

It’s true that if you stop working out, you’re going to lose your physical capacity. I like when people like you express their experience with Fitness in general because I just learn from that. Also, I’m happy that you decided to keep on your training! That’s awesome!

Working out it’s hard like you said but it really helps with LOTS OF THINGS to our human body, mind, beating stress, be more creative and have CONFIDENCE!

I liked that you have one big time opinion which is about being yourself in this Fitness world and try to get better every time without making comparison with other people. I think that’s behind your words. Thanks again, my friend!

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