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Let me introduce you to Count4Me.


Count4Me is the Personal Trainer you need for your Interval Training Sessions.

Really simple app that does what you really care for: counting while you’re exercising! No useless permissions, no complex interfaces, no videos to explain me what I already know.

How it helps

It´s going to help you in many ways:
- Counting for you.
- Getting extra motivation.
- Pushing yourself to complete the workout.

Listen to music while you’re exercising

You can use the app while listening to your own music, the counter is not going to interfere with it.

Quick access to your exercises

Define exercises with its own characteristics (repetitions, time interval between each rep and count down if you need it), save them and the next time you will just have to run it!

How does it work?

Check this video out to know what you can do with it!

Any feedback is more than welcome.

Thanks for reading,

Manuel Vicente Vivo

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