I wrote this article in November (2017) but it stays useful no matter the month you read it. Because after Christmas we have Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and a dozen more. Makers, brands and retailers are going to keep pushing us to buy stuff that most of the time we don’t really need.

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Stop buying crap (updated)

Black Friday is in ten days and I can’t believe Amazon is already cashing it. More than a month left for Christmas and all the shops and malls are already fully decorated. I really can’t believe the whole occidental culture is built around massive spending days. It’s sick and I need to tell you this.

Stop buying crap.

Seriously. Stop it now. Stop buying all the shit that comes out from those perverted minds that are filling the planet with garbage.

Stop buying shit you don’t need right now. Do not spend a cent on anything. Stop right now spending your salary on stupid no-quality things that are completely useless and will end in the garbage in less than 2 months. Or worse, inside a box at the very end of the storage room. Stop buying things you don’t need and, therefore, you’re not going to use more than twice. You’re fucking up the planet and you’re probably screwing up your country’s economy. You’re wasting your savings and, even worse, you’re not spending the money on things that can uplift your mind and soul.

Stop buying more electronic trash, which is produced in China and has to be packed, wrapped, taped and shipped to your front door by boat or plane. You do not fucking need the whole set of devices. You don’t need a MP3, a smartwatch, a wristband, a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop computer and a huge TV. Your smartphone is enough, your laptop only needs a restoration and your living room doesn’t need a new flat screen TV, 2 inches bigger that your current one, with a super-ultra-high-fidelity 4K screen that your eyes can’t appreciate because there is no content in such quality, and there won’t be in years. Producing a smartwatch or a smartphone costs 10 times less than what you’re paying.

Realize you’re not paying for the product itself but for the marketing, you’re paying for the noise.

Electronic shit consumes a lot of mineral resources and extracting them costs lives and destroys environments. Electronic things are hard to recycle and they’re being abandoned in some unknown helpless country which is incapable of choosing otherwise. Your phone doesn’t need a new case and you don’t need a new selfie stick, another power bank, a new flash drive with more capacity, a new USB cable or a new pair of headphones. You don’t need anything of this.

Stop buying all the stupid things made of tin, felt, plastic, fiberboard or silicone, which are sold under the epigraph “beautiful Scandinavian design”. Høsten, Flying Tiger, HEMA…you name it. Your kitchen doesn’t need another silicone brush or another mug with a useless motivational message on it. Your mother, sisters and girlfriends don’t need more cheap jewelry, your house does not tolerate another frame and you definitely don’t need another notebook if you’re never ever going to write anything in it.

Stop buying shit in these places when you want to give a present. Do not even go inside. Absolutely nobody in the world needs a felt bag to carry two bottles of wine, a Christmas diadem or a pair of heart shaped salt & pepper shakers. 99,99 % of the times neither you nor your friends need anything being sold in these places.

No more decorative things. No more ornamental crap. No more sparkling shit with LEDs. No more use-and-throw stuff. No more things with the word LOVE, HAPPY or ENJOY on it. You’re putrefying them. They’re losing their real meaning. Free the walls of your home from meaningless shit. The white color reflects the natural light and your home will be suddenly bigger, brighter and warmer.

Embrace minimalism. Embrace lightness. Embrace simplicity.

If you really think you need some particular thing, go to a second-hand store, buy a used one first and test if it’s what you need. Download Wallapop, where thousands of people are selling second-hand stuff, and look for what you think you need. Buy it and try it. You can buy almost any single thing you can think for less than 20€.

Your closet is full of clothes that you never wear. Empty it. Leave it in half. Donate them. Or sell them. Live with the half you have. Do not buy another jacket, another sweater or another pair of trousers. You definitely don’t need another bag, another pair of shoes or the umpteenth souvenir t-shirt. There is a dozen of startups working on the second-hand clothes niche. Sign in and sell everything you don’t wear.

You have a roof, enough clothes and food on the table. You don’t need anything else but food for your brain. You just need learning experiences and nothing more. You don’t need to fill your home, you need to fill your head.

So please, no more clothes, no more electronic crap, and no more decorative shit. You will be doing a favor to yourself and to all of us.

The less you have, the better you feel. Less is best

I wrote this because I was halfway between astonished and upset reading about What $50 Buys You at Huaqiangbei, the World’s Most Fascinating Electronic Market.

It was obvious I wasn’t going to be the only one shouting this message.
Greenpeace did it also: Black Friday: Breathe, take a break — the planet can’t handle it anymore
Someone even wrote a pamphlet/leaflet about the topic: You Have Too Much Shit

A friend pass me this documentary. Beautiful and right to the point
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