49,900% ROI in 6-months — A Case Study

The phone was not ringing :-(
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A response from a Standford University Professor and a "silicon valley CEO"

For me to get what I want, first, I need to help others get what they want. Selflessly, generously and lovingly.

Ultimately — the result of that first conversation led you to be born in this world.

I doubt YOU will find a bigger ROI in the entire universe than that first conversation between your parents.

Picking 1000 out of 7 billion is not an easy task.

Make it a point to connect with at least 20 new people (matching your customer avatar) every day.

Make sure the conversation is genuinely about getting to know each other.

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Recession-proof business

When universally and globally, trust is in short supply — is it ridiculous to suggest that online credibility and a trustworthy personal brand will the currency of the future?

Why do you think most of the business deals are made on golf courses?

Don’t be average

Dr. Jeff Spencer With Lance Armstrong

It is a weapons-grade networking platform.

Campaigning for political office in a socially distant environment?

Looking for a new executive role?

Want to connect with thousands of local property managers?

Want to stay in touch with your clients?

Want to build influence on the largest professional social media network?

Want to connect with the minister of commerce in a far off country?

Even in a socially distant world — I am confident that I can connect with anyone, anywhere and collaborate with them.

Investing in relationships is the best investment you can make.

Especially, if you are an introvert.



From $2/day to the boardrooms of Fortune 500.

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