From $2/day to the boardrooms of Fortune 500

Manuj Aggarwal
27 min readJun 25, 2020


The place was a small state called Punjab in North India.

The period was between the 1980s to early 1990s.

There was no internet.

No one knew what a personal computer is and definitely, the concept of connecting with people across the globe through electronic means was unheard of (at least in the part of the world where I was growing up).

The summers were super hot — the peak temperatures generally reach 40 to 50 degrees Celcius (that is 104 to 122 Fahrenheit for my American friends).

Extreme heat with 90% humidity is not very pleasant weather.

The winters were harsh and cold.

Temperatures dropped to -5 degrees Celcius (23 degrees Fahrenheit).

A thick fog covered entire cities and caused visibility to drop to less than 3-feet.

Driving on the notoriously unruly streets of India in the middle of winter was like getting through a land-mine infested warzone.

And when I say driving — I am not talking about a comfortable car with heat or airconditioning.

Generally, it was a two-wheeler or a bicycle.

You had to wear several layers of clothes to protect the body from the bone-chilling cold.

It is funny how riding a bike is a “lifestyle” in the West, but it is a necessity in most developing countries.

In those days, a basic car typically costed about Rs. 300,000 (approximately USD 4,000) and a basic motorbike or scooter costed about Rs. 30,000 (approximately USD 400).

So of course, this was my mode of transportation for several years.

Helmets and protective gear?

Sheesh…those were for rich wimps.

(actually, the law “recommended” we wore helmets. But they were too expensive…and just like the masks during a pandemic are a political statement in some parts of the world — helmets made a similar statement. I know, foolish!!)

Unlike in the west, there was no artificial heating or cooling installed in the homes either. Mainly because these were considered very high-end luxury items and cost an arm and a leg.

We had to use quite innovative ways to create a “tolerable” environment.

Instead of refrigerators — we used clay pots to store water. The porous pot allows for water to evaporate and keeps it cool.

Instead of air-conditioning, we had large humidified-type fans. The water dripped behind a large fan which cooled the air.

Things have changed recently for sure.

But lot of these practices are still in use in most parts of rural India.

I was a bright child and was generally at the top of my class with A+ grades. I loved studying new topics and understanding the world around me.

Being an introvert — it became a habit for me to bury myself in my studies and just focus on getting good grades.

I knew if I managed to get good grades — nothing will change drastically. At the same time, if I got BAD grades — there will be hell to pay.

Being the quiet shy introvert — I was bullied almost daily.

I noticed though if I got good grades — those same bullies wanted me to teach them or give them my notes.

Good grades were my strategy to stay out of trouble both at home and in school.

So in a way, it all worked out.

We lived in a modest rented apartment.

The landlady was a rich lady who had settled in the UK and used to visit every few years. Whenever she came over to visit, she would bring all kinds of British goodies with her.

But even more intriguing than the goodies — it was the stories of a free land where everyone drives a car, everyone has enough to eat, and enjoy their lives. That was a totally foreign concept to me.

For me, the definition of life was an eternal struggle.

I thought I was a pretty good kid and hence I did not expect anything less than a loving and fun life as a kid.

These days, we raise our children very differently. We treat them like our little princes and princesses.

Not in my time.

There were not many mushy feelings to go around.

It was expected that we will be “good” kids (whatever that meant), study, and do what we are told. Even though most of the rules were unspoken and unexplained.

It was a self-fulfilling trap. Someday, somehow you are bound to get in trouble.

Discipline was enforced strictly — both at home and at school.

The environment was isolating and lonely. I was scared and sad. Because I did not have any idea what I did wrong.

Now, do not get me wrong. I love my parents dearly and they love me back.

But the sum total of my childhood experience living in a challenging environment was quite an experience.

I could argue it formed the foundations of resiliency which I now possess.

At the time, though, I certainly resented it.

Eventually, I gave up looking for affection and started to protect myself by staying aloof and keeping to myself. I also grew a rebellious streak because I hated any type of authority or domination by anyone.

Although I wanted to study further and go to a prestigious university — but I knew that was a very far-fetched idea for me.

Without any money or time to prepare for tough entrance examinations — I had ZERO chance.

Even if I miraculously got admission — how could I pay for the tuition, books, and everything else.

No. That was not for me.

Instead — I ended up in a factory when I was 15 years of age.

It was hard work — 12-hour day shifts. 6 days a week.

And I got about $2/day for the work.

At the factory, I used to browse some business magazines once in a while and I used to wonder — who are these people on the covers of magazines.

I used to wonder what kind of headstart these people had in their lives.

Rich parents?

Ivy league education?

Connections with influential people?

What qualities and skills they possessed to rise to such heights.

Somewhere, somehow the urge to break free from my own situation was inspired by those magazines.

Coupled with the stories of the riches in developed countries — I was drawn to the dream of improving my life and make the best of it instead of submitting to my fate.

But for a 15-year-old working in a dingy factory, with no possessions — it seemed like a pipe dream.

Even though it was far-fetched somehow I started believing that I was destined for freedom.

I became obsessed with freedom.

I schemed in my head for hours — looking for an escape route.

Any ray of hope.

None was there to be found.

One such evening I had enough.

I told myself that this life is not worth living for.

And I attempted to take my own life.

I laid there on my bed for 2 days.

But somehow I survived.

I failed to escape even using the ultimate get out of jail card. 😇😇😇

When I woke up — I was totally dizzy and tried to feel my body.

Feeling some physical sensations — I realized I was still alive.

Now I had to make sense of this event in my life.

Why was I saved? What is my purpose?

I was clueless.

Anyway, I knew I just had to get on with life.

The second life.

During that period somehow, I realized that the only way to improve my life was through education.

But I could not afford any type of quality education.

After high school, most of my friends applied for colleges and universities. The nearest university was about 6 hours drive from my place.

One of my friends got into one of the best known ivy-league schools — Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, USA with a full scholarship. And he used to praise me for my work and grades.

I was overwhelmed with jealousy. And felt trapped and helpless.

I knew I will never be able to afford my education. And my hopes were soon completely squashed.

I thought to myself that was the last chance I had and I resigned to my fate.

It was 1995. Computers were just getting popular but only very rich people could afford them. The Internet was not yet available in our town.

A new computer institute opened its doors in my town and for some strange reason, I was drawn to it.

I inquired about their programs and they told me they had a 1-year diploma program which costed more than my entire years’ earnings.

I was determined to enroll.

I had to make and save a lot of money quickly.

I let my creativity run wild. The solutions I came up with are not something I am proud of — but I knew it was my one shot.

By hook or by crook — I had to take it.

After a lot of effort, I got into a short term diploma program for computer science. That was a huge turning point in my life.

There I found what I loved doing for my profession — science and technology.

And I also met my future wife there.

Mina (my girlfriend at the time) needed some help with her assignment and apparently, that was just an excuse to start a conversation with me.

Needless to say, I was happy to oblige.

(to this date she denies my analysis of the situation…but I digress)

She belongs to a different religion.

She is a Sikh and I am a Hindu.

(fun fact: both these religions are closely related because the first Sikh gurus came out of Hindu religion)

India has a particularly rigid social system.

Marrying inter-caste in India (even these days) is taboo. But we were so madly in love.

When her father found out — he was furious. And so were my parents.

This is a serious matter in India — people get killed over such things.

As I said we were madly in love.

Our courtship was a roller coaster ride.

In those days, it was not normal for a young couple of opposite sex to be seen together let alone hold hands, kiss, or go on dates.

But we were two rebellious kids — we were flaunting our love.

On many occasions, we got into some really big troubles but somehow escaped them every time.

Perhaps those stories will be a topic for another Medium article someday.

After going out for 3–4 years — we decided it was time to get married, but our families will have none of it.

We begged, argued, fought, and used every trick in the book to convince them.

Ultimately I decided to run away from home with nothing more than a bunch of clothes in a small suitcase.

Since I did not have any money — I did not think I could survive for long. I had no plans — just blind faith that things will work out.

I remember one evening sitting in a corner of the Indian Railway Train Station.

I was trying to figure out where my meal for that evening will come from.

And at that moment, I ran into a total stranger who offered to take me to his home and offered me a bed and food.

I was very skeptical.

This was 1990s. Way before AirBnB 😁

In the capital city of India. It is a dog eat dog world out there.

People rob you for $0.25 there.

You just do not open up your home to strangers unless people have ulterior motives.

Anyway, as nervous as I was — I had no choice but to go with the flow.

He called up a few of his friends and we ended up having a dance party at his rooftop.

They were intrigued with my love story and took pity on my foolish decisions.

Deep down — I guess they wanted to be part of my little but strange love story.


I am able to share his generosity with the world. And officially make him a part of my story.

Eventually, this stranger became a close friend.

Such are the wonders of the universe.

Anyway, back to my love story.

My stunt of running away from my home did eventually work.

We finally got married.

The first few months were heaven. I thought I got everything in the world. We started living with my parents as is customary in India.

But soon, the domestic conflicts started to raise the tension between all of us. Even the love between us started to fade away.

I knew that I had to resolve the issues — so I decided to move away from the whole narrow-minded environment and build a new life.

We decided to move to Canada.

It was a hard move.

No resources, no contacts, no job.

The future was uncertain. But we had each other — so I was happy and looking forward to a new adventure.

I got a job as a junior programmer very quickly.

It was a unique experience.

You see, in India — you HAVE TO put your boss on a pedestal.

And when I say pedestal — I mean a throne.

And when I say a throne — I mean a throne fit for divine Gods themselves.

We are forced to call them “Sir”, “Madam” and comply with every whim of their temperament.

People can get fired just for calling their boss by their first names.

In Canada though — I had a very different experience.

The first week into my job, they took us out to have lunch with the entire team and I was sitting next to the founder of the company.

And I noticed everyone casually addressing him by his first name.

That one meal broke down decades of misconceptions in my mind.

At the end of the day, we ARE ALL EQUAL.

A few more zeros in someone’s bank account balance does not make them any more worthy human than you or me.

But my submissive conditioning was too strong.

I failed to speak up when things did not go right. And due to a series of miscommunications — I also got fired from that job very quickly.

That was yet another low point for me.

After struggling in India — the future looked bleak in Canada as well.

Anyway, I started applying for new jobs and I got a new one in a few weeks.

This was right in the middle of DOT-COM BOOM.

The founder was an Iraqi engineer. I am pretty sure his IQ is way above genius levels.

It will suffice to say that if executed well — that startup could have been the Amazon we know today.

I learned a lot from this startup.

But life had other plans.

They say the economy goes up the stairs (slowly) but comes down the elevator (quickly).


Once again, I found back on the market looking for a new gig.

The cycle repeated multiple times in quick succession.

Primarily because of external factors like Sep 11th attacks, the Iraq war, and so on.

Ultimately I got a chance to work in my dream job at Microsoft.

I was tasked to streamline the systems in Microsoft’s enterprise licensing division — which is primarily the bulk of Microsoft’s business.

We are talking about billions of dollars worth of revenue.

It was a MASSIVE system.

Several ERP systems. CRM systems. Multiple languages.

A plethora of marketing campaigns. Hundreds of departments.

Physically Microsoft occupies the entire town with several hundred buildings. So driving from building to building meeting teams of people.

And the best part was — unlimited drinks and snacks (FREE!).

Apart from the local teams — we had to work with several remote teams also. The teams were spread across several countries.

I really got to understand how humans can successfully collaborate in a virtual environment.

Across several different timezones.

Different cultures.

Different languages.

Different continents.

During my time at Microsoft, I worked with some of the smartest people on the planet — but I also noticed how inefficient these large companies are.

For instance, the on-boarding process for a new employee took weeks.

The guy sitting next to me did not get his corporate credentials for 6-months!!!

Without the ability to login to the corporate network, all he could do was surf the web, play Minecraft, and get a 6-figure salary doing that.

Anyway, these large companies operate very differently than startups. It is very regimented.

You have to comply with the corporate policies (whether they made sense or not).

A new Vice President of the division decided to make some major changes and ship some jobs overseas.

I was asked to stay on and take a more senior role — but only if I agreed to work on a run-of-the-mill boring project.

I knew it was time for me to move on.

At that point, I got disillusioned with this whole career advancement plan for my life.

I recognized what job security really means — a myth!!

Like any other challenge I had faced up to that point, this experience also taught me somethings about how to take back control of my career and life.

So rather than living a life of an employee — I decided to SELL my skills to multiple clients.

I decided to open a software consulting company.

Once again, the first few years were good. We worked hard and built a modest life in Canada.

I was lucky enough to get involved in some truly amazing projects with a global footprint.

Worked with some more Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, startup entrepreneurs and ended up generating massive amounts of value for my clients.

As the professional life was getting on track — the personal life was deteriorating.

After a few years — we started getting into the same argumentative cycles like any other couple.

Slowly the intensity of the arguments started getting too damaging. We stopped communicating and life became very difficult.

We started living like strangers in the same house.

After 15 years of marriage — we still did not have kids. We did not want to separate — so we thought maybe having kids will fix us.


In hindsight — NOT!!!!

Well, as I will explain later — it turned out to be the best decision of my life.

For anyone reading this — if you are having any challenges in your relationship — bringing a new innocent life into the mix is DEFINITELY not the fix you should opt for as your first choice.

Anyway, we tried to get pregnant.

We could not get pregnant for 2–3 years.

Eventually, we had 2 babies (2 years apart).

Instead of bringing the new parents closer — the burdens of parenting caused us to be more resentful.

My wife and I came from VERY different backgrounds.

Our upbringing. Environment. Language. Religion. Even the food was very different.

So obviously we had very different ideas about how to raise kids.

Even small things like how to feed the kids, what to feed the kids became a topic of debate.

As a new parent, some anxiety about this stuff is natural — but we were attaching our personal pride and insecurities to the process of parenting.

Ultimately, we had enough.

We both realized that we needed to do something to change the situation.

I was afraid that our marriage is harming the kids in a permanent way.

I could not let that happen.

I could not let the story of turbulent childhood repeat yet again.

At the same time — I did not want to leave because I knew I would lose my kids.

Selfishly, I wanted them close to me. And they were the only reason for me to live.

I think I was too focused on healing my own wounds with their presence.

My work started to suffer and I started losing a significant amount of money every month.

I even became borderline depressed because I did not see any way out.

I had very limited choices in front of me. Rather than giving in — I decided to get to the root cause of the problem.

I went and met many therapists (both with my wife and my own).

During these visits the therapists made me realize how much of our behavior is controlled by the beliefs and habits we pick up during our childhood.

Both my wife and I had different ideas about how a man and woman should behave and love each other.

After 2–3 years of therapy, I had a somewhat better understanding of my behavior.

The impact of this understanding was only modest. It did not really allow me to have any major breakthroughs.

Basically, the therapists told me I will need to go through these therapy sessions for the entire lifetime to feel better.

That is not an acceptable cure.

The communication between my wife and I continued to worsen.

I was at a complete loss. I started preparing mentally for a future in which I will not see my kids every day.

Even though it was tough — I knew it had to be done for their sake.

The struggle was between my desire to stay with my kids to heal my own wounds or provide a more nourishing environment for them so that they can live and build a better life.

The dilemma was excruciating.

The environment at home was too toxic to raise happy, stable kids.

And losing them would have definitely put me in a downward spiral from which I would have never recovered.

Of course, I was still looking for solutions that could get things back on track.

We also tried couple’s therapy with 3–4 different therapists.

These therapies had temporary effects and soon we were back to our old ways.

There were deep-rooted issues between us — but neither one of us could figure out what it was.

Then I discovered meditation, spirituality, and mindfulness.

Ironically, I never paid attention to these things when I was growing up in India — where these paradigms originated.

Centuries ago.

So much so, that the Buddha started a global movement around these discoveries.

Millions of yogis roam the streets of India giving away this wisdom for free.

But when I needed a miracle cure — these concepts came to rescue.

I became intimately familiar with these concepts after living in the west for 15 years.

These practices opened the doors to my subconscious mind. I wanted to understand myself hoping that this could finally fix us.

Through meditation and spiritual practices — the layers of my personality started to peel away.

The ego started to dissolve.

The fog started to dissipate.

I had profound epiphanies.

I realized that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

The body, limbs, organs are just a temporary shell for our true self — which is our eternal soul.

We are these powerful spiritual beings who came to this planet for the physical experience of our choosing.

As I went deeper into my subconscious I started to remember many incidents from my childhood which left a permanent scar on my mind.

The hostile environment I grew up in was not the only issue.

There were some really horrible incidents I went through as a child — and I had completely buried and suppressed those memories in my mind.

What I later realized that these hidden and suppressed memories haunted me well into my 40s. And forced me into various behaviors that were sabotaging to my own life and upsetting for a lot of other people.

The hidden demons are ALWAYS at work behind the scenes.

As I started doing the inner work, by immersing myself into these stories and feeling anger at first, then resentment and finally forgiveness — I was slowly becoming a new person.

I realized how powerful our subconscious minds are.

Even though I understood a lot of things about myself — it did not really help fix my marriage.

As a couple — the divides in our thinking became even wider which only exasperated the situation.

I tried to persuade my wife (and others around me) to follow the path of spirituality and find peace in our lives.

As I now understand, no one likes to be preached.

Obviously, my suggestions came across as me trying to force my values and experiences on others.

So it did not really work.

I submitted to fate and let life happen. I was depressed, sad, and lonely.

My biggest fear in life was about to come true — I was about to lose my kids.

That fog of sadness surrounded my entire being 24/7.

It made me fail in personal and professional lives.

Following the typical male stereotype this society forces upon us — I just decided to ignore these mental health concerns and press on.

I buried myself in work.

I failed to realize though — if my mind is not clear — I could forget about attaining success in any other part of my life.

Due to these negative feelings — I was performing poorly and my business was failing.

During those times I had huge losses in business. The single biggest loss in a day I suffered was during this time.

I started having problems sleeping.

My challenges with alcoholism became worse.

This further worsened the whole situation.

It was a quadruple whammy.

Failure as a father.

Failure as a husband. Failure in keeping my relationship intact (which I fought so hard to build).

Failure as a son.

Failure in my profession.

At last, both my wife and I decided it was best to go our separate ways and try to raise the kids as well as we could while being separate. We started the process.

To prepare myself for the future — I went to another meditation retreat.

There I met a female spiritual leader. The retreat lasted 2 nights and it was more profound than anything I had experienced before.

(over the years Angela has become an angel for me).

Here I am interviewing Angela for my podcast — Bootstrapping Your Dreams.

Anyway, back to the meditation retreat.

Those 2 nights — made me realize a lot of things that I could do to cope with the sorrow.

It made me realize my true purpose.

It was not to comfort myself by forcing the kids to stay in a toxic environment. That was too selfish on my part.

My true purpose was to break the generational cycle of childhood trauma.

My purpose was to build a healthy and loving environment for my kids — whether they are with me physically or not.

It prepared me mentally to face the future and enjoy life however it comes.

Remember, we are spiritual beings — so whatever experiences we go through in life are just for our own personal growth.

Our souls chose each one of those experiences. That is what our souls wanted to EXPERIENCE during our time here on planet Earth.

Sometimes our souls want to experience adventure.

Sometimes they want to experience sorrow.

Sometimes they want to experience ecstasy.

Sometimes they want to experience war.

Just like movies.

Some people like comedy, some like horror and some like thriller movies.

Similarly, our souls want to experience different flavors of experiences on this planet.

It is our fragile human psychology which forces us to judge certain events, certain actions.

In order to explain these events — we start giving them labels.

This is good.

This is bad.

The fact is — IT JUST IS!!

All we are doing is passing through the space-time continuum and experiencing the life events that fulfill our soul’s destiny.

I realize now that my soul needed me to go through all these horrendous but life-changing experiences to show me a greater path of growth.

Corollary to this realization was also the conclusion that unless I became more self-aware and aligned my purpose with my action — I will continue to run into all sorts of obstacles and problems.

That is exactly what my life experience had been up to that point.

The heart and soul were guiding me to the true destiny all along — I was just ignoring the faint signals and overriding them with my decisions which were based on false limiting beliefs.

All the sorrow and hurt melted away and a new zeal to build life afresh took hold.

The feminine energy of the new spiritual leader — had profound effects on me and I shifted my energies towards positivity, optimism, and happiness.

I started finding strategies to think positive thoughts.

I built a vision board with all the happy things I desired in my life (including a happy family).

As I was going through an incredible transformation — I got the sad news that my mother had passed away.

Even though I had a very broken relationship with my mother — her untimely death shook me to the core.

Human mortality hit me like a ton of bricks.

Finally, her death forced me to face the reality that relationships are the most precious, important, and nourishing possessions in this world.

The only thing left for me to was to nurture and save the relationships I had left.

My focus shifted to building the best possible relationship with my kids, save my marriage, rekindle the lost love, and try to mend my relationship with my father.

I realized, in order for me to spend more time with my dad — I will need to radically change my life.

With that realization, I started to work tirelessly to change my work, life, and business which will allow me to be more location independent.

I had to set up a virtual business instead of a local business — so that I could manage everything remotely and still continue to grow.

On my marriage front — I realized that instead of going through a messy separation — I needed an amicable way to move forward with my wife.

As a couple or as friends.

We had talked to lawyers and we were discussing the next steps.

Everything was almost over and I was about to enter the eye of the storm.

Soon thereafter, I had to fly to India on a business trip. I tried to forget about everything and enjoy my time in India.

As a last-ditch effort, I asked my wife to see Angela — my female spiritual teacher.

Mina, my wife hesitated first.

I knew I could not force her.

The decision had to be 100% hers.

I just tried to make my wife realize that even if we got separated or divorced she will need someone to guide her and help her become happy again.

Even after the divorce — if it was going to cause more bitterness and sorrow in our lives — it will not really help the kids.

Or us.

All this pain would have been in vain.

To my surprise, my wife decided to go see Angela while I was in India.

She not only went to talk to her — but she also went and joined a meditation retreat.

Finally, the breakthrough happened.

She saw things from her childhood that had formed her personality.

She had similar epiphanies as I did.

She realized how she pushes her own buttons and mine, and how we push each other into a spiral of misery.

In just a few days — she was a totally different person.

Upon my return from India — we talked for hours and cried and hugged.

A lot of things started to make sense and we started communicating much better.

Now — we are like a normal happy couple.

We can explain to each other when we feel hurt due to each others’ actions.

Rather than pointing fingers at each other — we can diagnose the situation and understand where the resentment is coming from.

We have our share of good and bad days.

Lots more laughter than tears though.

It is simply amazing that some invisible belief systems get planted in our heads (generally during our childhood) and throughout our lives — we have to bear the burden of these beliefs.

We do not realize but these beliefs essentially take the power away from us.

We become their slaves.

And we conduct ourselves in a self-sabotaging way throughout our lives just to justify some negative beliefs.

Just think about it for a second.

We conduct ourselves, align our actions, choose our words — primarily to justify the belief system which was planted in our heads when we were 9 to 12 years old.

In computer parlance, we operate our lives with an operating system which is decades old.

Infected with all kinds of bugs.

Resulting in all kinds of erroneous conclusions.

But oblivious to all this underlying drama — we suffer needlessly just because our minds do not let us invalidate our beliefs.

Millions of people are slain in wars just to prove a false belief.

Soldiers do not hesitate to kill and maim because they believe they must obey the orders given to them by their superiors.

Trillions of dollars are spent on stockpiling dangerous weapons based on the belief someday another group of people is going to invade a piece of land and take away all their possessions.

Unless we have a level of self-awareness that is needed to analyze our own beliefs from an objective perspective — we continue to live in a bubble of our limited belief systems.

The beliefs are invisible boundaries.

Hence the term “limiting beliefs”.

If there is any devil in the world — it is our own false and limiting beliefs which make us say and do horrible things.

After these PROFOUND experiences and epiphanies, my life has transformed.

I am happier.

I am calmer.

I can see things more clearly now.

I can diagnose the root cause of problems easily.

I do not get too carried away when something good happens.

And I do not get too upset when something bad happens.

Life is just a flow of continuous random events and experiences.

Take both good and bad as it comes and marvel in the infinitely complex mechanisms of the universe.

All this caused a snowball effect in other areas of life as well.

My relationship with my father improved dramatically.

My relationship with my kids is as wonderful as it can be and I am meeting some of the greatest minds in the world.

Learning from them.

Incorporating various schools of thought into a concoction of soul healing methods.

With 20-years of technology background and 4 patents in artificial intelligence and machine learning — I am also uniquely positioned to look at this phenomenon from a scientific perspective.

I was actually able to backtrack my life.

Understand the major events and their root cause.

Arrange those events in a chronological map and understand how human experience evolves.

This gave me insights on what levers you can pull to get a certain experience in our lives.

If you want to be rich — well there is a lever for that.

If you want to bring more love in your life — there is a lever for that.

If you want to improve your physical and mental health — there is a lever for that.

All these levers exist in our subconscious minds.

Once you get access to your subconscious mind — you can become the true captain of your life’s ship.

Choose the direction of your life.

But remember — your life’s ship is not a motorboat.

Rather it is a large tanker. Large tankers do not turn directions in a second — it turns 1-degree at a time.

Similarly, whatever goals you want to achieve in life will take hard work and persistence.

If you keep at it — then your life’s ship will continue propelling forward in the right direction.

This experience has motivated me to help others in my situation.

Sometimes extreme situations need extreme measures.

But understanding yourself, being self-aware is a far less extreme situation than a divorce or suicide.

I especially realized how difficult these situations could be for entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurs — we are generally alone with our thoughts, thinking about all the million things we need to tackle for our business.

If our personal lives are not in order — we tend to make decisions from a place of lack.

We do not realize it — but these micro-affects on our psyche ensure that we are not successful.

My path of self-discovery has led to the creation of a pathway that anyone can follow to change their inner belief system and eradicate those self-deprecating thoughts which lead to destructive actions or to no action at all.

I have synthesized my life journey into a systematic approach that anyone can follow and transform their lives.

I consider myself uniquely positioned to build a system that draws upon my skills in technology, mindfulness, spirituality, and human psychology.

The plan works simply by having a few conversations with a trained guide who can take you by the hand and lead you to a place where no thoughts can harm you, where your focus is only on your success and the steps you can take to make progress fast.

Words like “meditation”, “spirituality” are still misunderstood in our society.

Even though, they are becoming more acceptable — but far from being mainstream.

So, I had to invent a new way to talk about such matters without putting people off.

That is why I needed to acquire a brand new skill — marketing and messaging.

To make this plan more relevant — I try to help entrepreneurs improve their lives and businesses using the methods I have discovered throughout my adventurous journey.

I am focused on the inner life of the entrepreneur who wants to be successful and sidesteps the blocks so many of us find ourselves dealing with and make progress quickly.

So please STOP looking for solutions outside and start looking within.

Try to understand your subconscious biases.

Try to listen to the faint voice of your soul which is always there to guide you and show you the path.

Tremendous success and endless happiness await you.

Go get it TODAY!

I do help people get through this process.

It is not a quick fix.

And it is not a magic wand.

I can show you the path. But you have to take the journey.

If you want to experience a different way of living — then a new path is available.

If you are someone who is a go-getter and has a burning desire to transform your life — then this could be one of the ways you can achieve it.

I hope you find this information useful and you can apply it to your life and business.

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