A letter to CAT 2016 Aspirants

Dear CAT 16 aspirants!

I am sure each one of you is having a tough time, struggling for working on CAT 16 strategies or keeping a check on your peer’s mock scores which would again be upsetting you more. Not to forget the IIM Bangalore releasing the CAT notification, would be like a turning point in your chilled out life or say, an icing on the cake.( sarcasm :P)

“ The best view comes after the hardest climb “

I hope this does better to appease your — yet so obvious but so complicated relationship with CAT 16! No worries for I understand each pain point in this journey and would be more than happy to let you take me back in time.

So, the target is all set and so is the bait! Tighten your seat belts to experience the most thrilling journey of your life — THE CAT’16

15 months-12 months-9 months-5 months-3 months- 1 month-“ Kill me please day”

Guess what? This is how we have been delaying our CAT preparation to read about letters like these wherein we are assured to Crack CAT in a month or two. Believe it or not I wasted 9 months relying on such assurances, when one night a 22.1 %ile from a mock CAT hit my senses hard and woke me up from my much prolonged CAT fantasies. This fake 22.1% did change to real 98.24 but to note- everything changed since then. This is what happened

The transition phase:-

1) Read, Read and Read is what I was told would help me, and I must say- It saved me.

2) 1–2 hours of study on weekdays and 5 hrs of serious study over weekends.

3) MBA Universe for its thought provoking articles.

4) A daily dosage of Sudoku, The Hindu’s editorial page and Testfunda’s wordlist.

5) VA ate my mind with a daily practise of atleast 50 questions

6) Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K verma, a friend who walks me through all such possible questions that could trouble me in the CAT exam

7) Frequent beer breaks to keep me alive :P

8) TIME AIMCAT series to help you get a feel of CAT.

9) Weekly 3 mock CATs

10) Strength & Weakness analysis for my mock CATs (Weakness in my case :P). I used the analysis to devise a useful strategy- 60% time on strength and 40% on weakness

11) Admito.in- for choosing the perfect college. A must for every MBA aspirant.. Oh yes! They helped save much on what others knowingly spend on — college application& shortlisting.

And lastly, I practiced well to calm myself down during such stressful situations upon which I feel CAT was nearing and so was my end. I believed in CAT as an extension to my experiences in the journey of life and dealt with it with a positive approach.

CAT might have occupied 90% of your time as of now but after some time it would be MBA Admissions and lately dealing with your stressful schedule in MBA colleges. Believe me it is your efforts and positive approach that make you climb the highest ladder of success. On that note I end here wishing my people- A Happy Experience dealing with this phase of your life.

A happy CAT 16 to all of you :P

P.S. I nominate you for romanticizing about CAT ,the same way I did now, to the next year aspirants. I am sure you would be in a better position to do that!


- An MBA grad.

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