Pen and ink “Pic”-a-logue

Varikkasserry mana

It was late in December, early in morning with cool breeze on my face in my bike set out to explore Kerala armed with my pen and paper. I set out to Varikkassery mana, the 2 floored mansion situated at the outskirts of Palakkad, Kerala (Vaniyamkulam). The mansion is famous after many Malayalam movies shot over there. Place is surreal with ponds, temples and a whole lot to explore. After paying the entry fee of Rs 20, the mansion welcomes you by traditional and exquisite paintings on the wall and furniture to compliment. Place is too calm and quite for a Bangalore-an and if you are into meditation, you are in heaven! The guide blabbered about how they made the mansion and the history of the family who made it and the films that they shot here. There are many place to sit and relax. I was amazed with the floor of this 100 year old mansion which had a mirror finish. Even more amazed when I came to know that the floor is made of a mixture of charcoal from coconut husks, egg whites and limestone! I slip from the band of visitors and in a quiet place I drew this picture without creating too much attention. It’s a place to visit for calming yourself down and definitely I will recommend you to visit once.

Something out of fairy tale

You can reach the place via buses from Ottappalam, Palakkad. Nearest railway station is at Palakkad and nearest Airport is at Coimbatore.