Selfie generation ? Seriously?

I have been hearing a lot about the millennial generation being called the smartphone generation or the selfie generation. Yes, We are walking around with a smart phone in our hand throughout the day. We are active on all social channels. We hire our personal car with a driver, get our groceries delivered, book movie tickets, make travel itineraries, shop almost anything and do a lot more through our smartphones. But we also get our work done through these so called appliances of distraction.

Our generation has something amazing. We have an assistant in our pocket who can pretty much do everything we ask it do. Location ain’t a problem anymore. It’s so small and powerful that you can carry it anywhere. I can be 5000 kms away from my client and I can still talk/see and guide them through a whole new campaign.

Distractions have always been there, it was the television and books to the older generations, it’s a smart phone for us, it might be the VR for the future ones. But stop dissing on smartphones altogether. They changed our lives made it way more easier.

That’s pretty much for the weekend rant, do let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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