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1 in 100

Even if you work for a large organization, chances are that you could memorize the names of all the security folks working in IT. That’s because the ratio of developers to security is 100:1, according to a recent survey (the same study indicates a 10:1 ratio of devs to ops). Previous studies have reported ratios from 100:3 to 100:6, so there’s some progress but not fast enough.

That doesn’t bode well for these organizations’ ability to tackle upcoming data privacy protection regulations like the European Union’s GDPR and stop the data spilling that has been on the news on a…

#DevOps and #SRE in #Agile Environments

Earlier this year, I was invited to participate on a panel at the Agile Portugal conference on “DevOps and SRE in Agile Environments”.

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There were some very good questions so I’d like to share my view on some of those.

Is DevOps a methodology, a philosophy, a toolset or a job title?

It’s none of those and all of those at the same time.

The word itself doesn’t matter too much, for instance we start to hear people talking about “operability” instead of “DevOps”.

The mutation of the meaning of “DevOps” is natural, as it progresses in the hype cycle. …

Manuel Pais

Independent Consultant. Co-author of “Team Topologies” book —

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