Manu Saraswat
Apr 10, 2017 · 2 min read

This Sunday was about to be a little different.. I thought to myself as I got the info of the Mozzila meet-up.

We all gathered, some old faces from our JNU’s Mozunicorn club, especially our Mentor Mr. Shahbaz Alam, and some new ones from Mozzila MITS, to discuss future roadmap of our clubs.

After we all had caffeinated ourselves it was time for discussion.

We all had a nice brainstorming session on what all we should do as to rekindle the spark of Mozzila in our respective colleges as well as around.

Main topics of discussion were-

  1. Mozzila (as an organization)
  2. Campus club
  3. Mozzila technologies( like A-frame, test pilot, Firefox browser and OS)
  4. Problems regarding the establishment of clubs and key to hosting a good event.


The event was exactly the kind of talk we all needed to have towards establishing and solidifying a good campus club, a boost in the right direction. And as always, keeping the spirit of Mozzila meet-ups alive it was fun filled event, where we got to meet fellow mozzilians and do productive work.. (despite it being a Sunday).