Workations: The Vacation Your Employer Will Love

It’s no surprise that we believe there are real benefits to taking workations — part work and part play. Outsite is based on the premise that natural scenery is an important aspect of finding harmony in work and life; we’ve come to realize through research and listening to our guests that being able to work from a beautiful place is also important to improving your work in general. Here are some of the top benefits we’ve found for workations and remote work in places like Outsite.


This is one of the biggest perks we’ve seen, heard from guests, and experienced first hand. Employers have been afraid for a long time that remote workers were less productive than their in-office counterparts; research shows this consistently isn’t true. In fact, a Stanford study shows that employees who work remotely are actually more productive! On an individual level, you may need to learn new tricks to stay focused and increase productivity, but once you find a system that works, you’ll be surprised how much you accomplish on a workation or in a remote work setting.


Artists have long known the restorative and inspiring powers from a change of scenery; one of the most notable examples is Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. Working remotely, or even taking a workation, can provide that necessary change to your environment that may be just what you need to come up with the next great idea, or overcome a long-standing mental block.


Similar to creativity, sometimes you just can’t think of a solution in the same office you’ve been working in for the last several months or years. Whether sitting atop a surfboard watching the waves, hiking in the California Sierra Nevadas, or unwinding in a yoga class, working in a new environment helps open your mind to new solutions. Workations provide the perfect opportunity to make that happen.

Team & Culture Building

By mixing work and play in remote working and workation settings, teams get a chance to know one another “outside the office.” This strengthens bonds, teaches workers about one another and the team itself. Spending time together both working and enjoying new scenery, you’ll be surprised how much you learn about those you work with — whether you’re working at the same company, or just coworking in the same space.


Research has shown that perks like remote working and schedule flexibility are highly desirable to employees; by allowing the team to take time away from the office, they are actually more likely to stay committed to the company and mission behind their work. Whether you’re lucky enough to have remote perks through your existing company, or you’re a freelance nomad working from anywhere, this freedom increases the likelihood that you will continue to enjoy the work you’re doing.

This post was initially shared on the Outsite blog.