My digitally inspired nomadic summer

This summer I decided to not just use my break for fun and adventure, but to trial what my life would be like as a digital nomad living the laptop lifestyle.

On the bus from Zurich to Ulm

What’s a digital nomad you ask? Read my previous article “The digital nomad lifestyle revolution” ( to find out. And what’s the laptop lifestyle? Well, have a look at “How to travel the world as a digital nomad” ( to get an idea.

So, everywhere I went I took my laptop and, of course, smartphone with me — hard to imagine to travel without it nowadays. My goal was to use the times on trains, buses and in different locations to work on my blogs and to see for myself how I could actually manage. Can I be or become a digital nomad?

Trip #1: London-Luxembourg

A short trip of 3 days I knew I wasn’t going to get much done, also because the hotel was so amazing and I kept on enjoying the pool a little too much. However, when I sat down with my laptop I actually got 2 blog articles done while being in the hotel room and in the lobby. I was surprised about not being distracted, but I realised that when you know what to write about you can really do it anywhere (well, where there is WIFI).

Trip #2: London-Stuttgart-Basel-Zurich-Ulm

During my stay in Germany I had planned a few trips to visit friends and family. The flight is only an hour so I decided to rather use the time to catch up with my reading and researching, which is also important to be inspired and well-informed. At my family home I set myself certain days and times where I would work and I got many things done, however, I noticed how many distractions I had there. I wasn’t as efficient as I wanted to be. On the train to Basel I really intended to do some writing, but it was so packed and busy that I was barely able to move in my seat. I ended up taking a car ride to Zurich via a car sharing platform so did nada. But finally on my longer bus journey back to Ulm I was able to write 2 more articles, despite the WIFI not working.

Trip #3: London-Ibiza

On the plane flying to Ibiza

Now, as I was staying in Ibiza for 10 days I had planned to do a lot of writing for many different projects and I was so motivated that I started off on the plane. I had chosen a remote villa for my stay so that I wouldn’t have too many distractions around me. And it worked! Everyday I developed a routine where I would swim in the pool and then do some work, have lunch, do more work and then in the evening reward myself by exploring the island. I would say I managed to write, research and read for up to 6 hours per day. I didn’t get everything done I had intended to, but at least I learned how disciplined I have to be.

Write where you get inspiration

I suppose it depends on the kind of work you’re doing and whether you enjoy it or not. Luckily, most of my blogging and writing projects are fun, but I do admit that you need self-discipline and a daily plan or target — otherwise you lose focus and rather occupy yourself with other things like relaxing.

Is the digital nomad lifestyle for me? I can certainly answer this question with: YES! It’s a fantastic feeling to be in charge of your own day and to have the flexiblity to do the tasks when, where and how you want to do them. Of course, it’s all down to how you utilize your skills and finances, but I actually didn’t spend that much and earned money while traveling. My personal blog shows you how I do it.

Do you think you can pull it off too? Check my article “How to make money online in 5 sustainable ways” ( to find out how you could become a digital nomad and live the laptop lifestyle. If I can do it, anyone can!