For that comfort in cold

What's in a crisp, cold morning that makes you stay huddled under covers, or a chilly afternoon that makes you rustle up some ultra-comforting fried foods and hot coffee maybe, or a wintery night that makes you want to reach out for butterly goodness and a sweet temptation.

Well, whatever it may be, these winters months are somewhat cumbersome to control.

What we actually misinterpret during this month is, that, winters don't increase hunger, it reduces thirst instead. We tend to drink lesser amount of water in winters, which leaves us dehydrated, in turn has an impact on our


Hunger and thirst centres in the brain are set very close, so many a times, we may end up eating because we might be thirsty, leading to a lot more overeating.

Add to this lack of physical activity, comfort eating and overeating during the holiday season.

We already know, weight gain is not about the aesthetics of it, but adds increasing pressure on the heart and interferes with other health parameters. And in many cases, the kilos creep up, year after year without us realising it.

So, while winters sees you stay under the covers and reach out for something hot and fatty, maybe you can try these…

More physical activity: Cooler months are when physical activity tends to dwindle a little. Morning workouts tend to be eschewed in favour of lying in. While we keep telling us there's always tomorrow, right? Wrong. Keep up with your workouts and keep burning your calories.

Avoid comfort eating: Magically,during winters, chocolates, pies, samosas,pakoras etc etc seem to be an extension of your arm. Well, you must put down that bit of food and disengage yourself from bingeing just because you are in company of food. Try and ensure that your days are long and keep you occupied so that you stay away from comfort foods.

Holiday Overindulgence: The winter months are also party months, where festivals coincide, weddings happen and relatives and friends come down from all over the world. And, you out almost every night! Now. You must keep a watch on the journey from plate to mouth. Eat before you go out and avoid too many cocktails.

While all this sounds very dreary, don't forget to have fun this winter and find inventive ways of having your cake and (not) eating it too. Happy Winters!