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Left liberalism doesn’t give you much of a rationale for making hard decisions and enforcing them, which, after all, means _excluding_ people. If you are in power you can’t just “decline” all those choices. So, into the breach step the Left Wing Authoritarians, who have a unique personality profile, similar to most ordinary lefties in some ways, but also a bit different.

The three personality traits that predict left wing politics are high Openness, low Orderliness (subfactor of Conscientiousness), and high Compassion (subfactor of Agreeableness). Freddie, for example, seems to have maxed out on all of these left leaning traits. So, he’s a classic lefty in every sense.

But there are variations. Libertarians are high Openness, low Orderliness, but low Compassion (as well as high IQ). And Left Wing Authoritarians are low Openness, high Orderliness, and (very) high Compassion (as well as high Neuroticism and low IQ). Not only do Left Wing Authoritarians have no problem playing cop and making decisions as to what should be done, but they are very good at playing on the heart strings of many ordinary lefties, especially those who are very high in Compassion. Who on the left wants to be accused of lacking Compassion?

Left Wing Authoritarians, with their high Orderliness, are also actually good at organizing stuff, so they often end up with a certain prominence in activist, and governmental, circles.

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