I’m deleting Snapchat, and you should too
katie zhu

I can understand why the graphic above is problematic. That said, although it’s correct the upper management and founders of Snapchat (as with many tech companies) are predominately white it appears that does not reflect the company as a whole. I found the following the ethnic composition of staff from my LinkedIn search : Page 1) 80% East Asian 10% non-Hispanic White Page 2) 60 % Asian — 40% non-Hispanic white Page 3) 80% Asian — 20% non-Hispanic white — Jumping forward to Page 10) — it was 50 Asian /50 non-Hispanic white, Page 20) — 50% Asian — 40% Non-Hispanic white, 10% Black. Perhaps those figures are anomalous, feel free to check them, but jumping randomly to various pages it appears that the whites at Snapchat (especially on the technical/development side) are a plurality, not a majority.

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