10 Must-Have Mobile Game Development Engines You Should Use

Are you looking for some effective and amazing Mobile game development tools? 

Then, you come to the right place. As in this post, we are going to collect some of the remarkable tools that might help to create interesting game with marvelous functionality. So, check out list of mobile game development tools that allow creating game for different platforms.

  1. Edgelib

Edgelib is one of the best 2D and 3D middle ware game engines, supporting Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

2.JMonkey Engine

JMonkey Engine is another free open source Java OpenGL engine that allows you program in Java and port to any OpenGL 2 supportable device.


Are you looking for 2D iPhone and iPad development tool for Windows? DragonFire is one of the best options that used to develop games like CakeoRama and Little Train.


ShiVa3D is 3D game engine and development toolkit that claims to be “the most cross platform” mobile game engine supports almost all operating systems like Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and BlackBerry OS.

5.Corona SDK

Corona SDK is another popular app development platform, allowing developing various genres of games for iOS and Android. Till now, more than 150,000 developers have been using Corona SDK.

6.Unreal Development Kit

Unreal Development Kit is one of the remarkable versions of the industry-leading Unreal Engine III, available for free of cost. This kit is best for developing advanced 3D simulations, games and apps for iOS and Android.


Based on OpenGL ES and OpenAL/OpenSL, Emo is a remarkable Mobile game framework uses Squirrel scripting language. Using this framework, you can only have to write game once and operate on two leading platforms, i.e. Android and iOS.


Libdx is a Java 3D/2D, Android, HTML5 and game development framework that available for free. It lets you to write code once and deploy to different platforms.


Available for Free-to-use, Newton is an amazing open source zlib-licensed real-time physics engine that especially designed to use with basic knowledge of physic principals.

10.Android Box2D

If you are looking for marvelous physics engine, you can have Android Box2D. It is one of the best Award-winning 2D rigid body physics engines that written in C++ for Android developers.

Hope you will found this list of 10 Must-Have mobile game development tools useful. If you have any other tools that should be helpful for development task, then let us know through comment section.