Into the mist I go,
Where! I do not know
The thick grey smoke,
Burning my skin,
And the screams,
My soul.
My vision blurred,
Blocked my eyes to see,
And the road too brittle,
Hurting my knee.
Into the mist I go,
To where I think I know,
Shadows of the dead,
Walking beside me,
Not willing to believe,
Yet I walk,
Not willing to explain,
Yet I talk.
Into the mist I go,
To the light,
and I can’t say no,
Frightening pain quenched my soul,
Leaving no regrets from the past,
For better or for worse,
This light is the only way,
And must it be followed,
In order to stay.
Into the mist I went,
To the place HIS angels sent,
For he knows the sufferings,
The pain and the screams,
The time I was lonely,
The time in my dreams,
For his decisions can’t be deluded,
I have no say,
Live if he wants,
Die if I may.
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