In Search Of Communion

By DuRae O’Shea Wilkinson

Photo by ManyLights at The Give Movement screening for The Give Film in Hartford, Connecticut

I smile but you don't smile.
It’s okay I’ll smile anyways.
I love you but you don’t love me.
It’s okay I’ll love you anyways.
I cry but you don’t cry with me.
It’s okay I’ll cry anyways.
I laugh but you don’t laugh.
It’s okay I’ll laugh anyways.

It’s too bad in life some of us are not joined by anothers company in regard to our true feelings. Whether we are happy or sad we need companionship and compassion. We are creatures of love and nurture and require sufficient organic attention otherwise we slowly crumble. Society these days forces us to forget that once a child always a child. We were all once in need of constant care from our parents in order to survive and that constant care should be continued on in a different form as we grow.

Our parents are made to believe that most of their job is done by the time we hit 18. Pre-modern times this was not the way of things. Life consisted of a constant cycle of nurture, not only from the parents but from a caring community. Everyone would contribute to the well being of an individual and this resulted someone with deep understanding of life’s core values. Generations of knowledge and wisdoms would be passed around freely creating a strong intelligent community. This tradition should be carried out today in all corners of the earth as it is the nature of life.

Sometimes an operation of things in which humans have discovered as effective was already perfect and embedded within the blueprint of nature. We need to learn to recognize quickly what does work and what doesn’t and build off of that truth.

We must become okay with rejections and continue on with our feelings in confidence.

If we are happy and in a positive mood, remain that way. If we are down in need of help and don’t receive any we must carry on helping our own self through. The truth is there are a lot of people out there that just do not know how to empathize with anyone in a positive or negative situation. There are also people that have only learned to participate in situations which are purely negative or purely positive and don’t know when they may be needed in the opposing situation. Some people just don't know how to feel outside of their immediate environment especially when they grew up in places where the lifestyle is not built on community involvement. People are so detached in a lot of cases that they forgot how to feel or never have been taught the importance of fellowship with nature and mankind.

Next time someone smiles, smile with them.
Next time someone loves you, love them back.
Next time someone cries, cry with them.
Next time someone laughs, laugh with them.
Next time.
Next time you can make a difference.
Next time you can realize that person needs you.

We become stronger when we remain deeply rooted within our own personal feelings and we thrive off communion. We should all be looking out for each others best interest. We should all be ready, willing and available with a helping hand in anyway we can. This is the key to building strong individuals, strong households, strong communities and strong nations.

Be there for someone the way you'd like someone to be there for you.

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