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Casino as a phenomenon was born a long time ago This is the place where gambling people gather and play in the hope of winning and earning. Around the world, the number of casinos is growing rapidly. Just recently, a lot of online casinos have started to appear, where everyone can try their luck without leaving home. But in the same way, despite the fact that casinos around the world are gaining frenzied popularity, there is still debate about their appropriateness. A lot of people say that it is impossible to win at a casino, that there is always a deception. The truth is possible in their words and there are, however, the Providence project is ready to prove the opposite.

Providence — the world’s first platform, specializing in online casinos and gambling, which will fully function and work exclusively with crypto-currencies.This will be implemented with the help of all known technology Blockchain.Providence simply can not play and win gambling with money.
The basic concept -to give an opportunity to spend their crypto currency in physical casinos. That is, you just came, exchange the crypto currency for chips and can enjoy your favorite gambling and casino.At the moment there is an online casino where you can play with the help of a crypto currency, but there is no place where you could come and feel the atmosphere of gambling and casino with the help of your crypto currency. Realizing this idea, Providence will give you the opportunity to experience all the delights of the world of casinos and gambling, where you can relax,enjoy the game and forget about everything together with your friends. This is a unique project, since it has no competitors, no analogues. Since this is the platform that will be the first, it will get a share of its popularity through innovation. Since the world of gambling has many-sided opportunities for development,this will be a real sensation after the release of this platform.

Offline casino to date, it takes away almost 88% of all gamblers, and slightly more than 12% falls on the online casino. It would seem that only 12% of people use the services of online casinos, but this number is growing every year, perhaps even day by day. Perhaps this is due to the lack of such sites, perhaps all are used to off-line projects, but Providence will change it in the roots. There is also a great chance that online platforms do not get such popularity as offline, it’s a lack of security and guarantees. But with Providence everything will be much simpler, since the platform is based on Blockbunch technology, it will provide all users with transparency, security and guarantees for all their actions within the platform.

Through Blockchain technology and Providence Exchange integration, clients will be able to walk to Providence’s physical casino and exchange cryptocurrency for chips that allow them to play their favorite adrenaline casino game. In essence, Providence will allow players to turn their crypto into a fun and rewarding asset in the physical world, addressing key issues with real-world solutions. Blockchain technology relieves the resort’s Gaming and Retail sector of conversion expenses. For compound comfort, the supply of a stake generates revenues to the current exchange rate.

Also Providence will be implemented using blocking technologies. And we all know that the block system is completely transparent and it contains absolutely all transactions. So in Providence on the block, all transactions of the platform and players will be displayed, so that no one can doubt the honesty of this casino. And do not forget that Providence is developed by a team of true professionals. The guys know exactly what they want and have a lot of experience behind them in the spheres necessary for successful implementation.

Specifically in order to finance the development, PRE-ICO was launched, and the ICO stage will be opened very soon. Pre-ICO was launched on October 4 and will last until October 18 or until the maximum goal is collected at 14,000 ETH. The maximum goal of the ICO is 114,000 ETH. Now there is a system of discounts and for 1 ETN you will receive 810 PVE. Tokens will be required for purchase and sale on the platform, as well as for various interactions in the casino itself. To participate in financing, please visit

The starting point for the sale of tokens was the preliminary ICO, which will begin on October 4, 2017 and will last until October 18, 2017.
During the preliminary ICO, it is planned to collect 14,000 ETH.
The names of the token exchange are: Providence;
The exchange symbol is PVE;
Now you have the opportunity to purchase tokens at a discount of 35%. The estimated price is 1 ETH for 810 PVE. During the main stage of the ICO for 1 ETH, you can purchase 600 PVEs.
During the main stage of mass breeding, it is planned to collect 125,000 ETH.
It is assumed that the ICO is scheduled to be held before the end of November, but it can be extended for 1 week.

Token name: Providence (PVE)
Token type: ERC20 application token to be used for transactions and consumption
Token price (Main Sale)1 PVE = 1/600 ETH (1 ETH buys 600 tokens)
Token price (Pre-sale) with 35% bonus 1 PVE = 1/810 ETH (1 ETH buys 810 tokens)
Total supply: 200,000,000.00
Token Sale Cap (51%): 102,000,000.00 PVE
Accepted currencies in Token Sale: ETH
Minimum Contribution Amount for Token Sale: 0.05 ETH
Minimum Contribution Amount for Pre-Token Sale: 10 ETH
More tokensale details
Pre-Token Sale Bonus: 35%
Pre-Token Sale Special Contributors: Providence Exclusive Debit Card
Sale Participant Eligibility: Anyone except Singapore and US due to legal restrictions
Total percentage(%) of tokens allocated for the Token Sale Contributors and it will be distributed in two ways: 51%


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