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Self-driving cars have been getting more and more popular as the years have passed. This began not too long ago either. This has been developing recently. Since this movement has been growing it is affecting more and more people. Some of these people are those who are looking to purchase a car now. This is because now that comes into consideration if they want this in their car if it is available. The ability for the car to drive itself may be the reason why people buy a certain type of car. The other people that are affected are those who must drive with these machines on the road. Will they feel safe driving knowing that the person in the other car is not driving it? Possibly knowing more information would help those people trust the technology or may even make it worse.

Somethings that are commonly known by a lot of people are, the car company Tesla is one of the first to make this available in most of their models. However, something that people may not know is that this ability is still in beta mode. That means that Tesla is still working on it to make it better and it is not the final product. The reason for why I think they are saying that their product is on beta mode is so that if an accident occurs while the car is on self-driving mode, the car owner cannot say it is the fault of the car and sue the company.

Something else that many know is that even Google is making their own self-driving car. However, it is not yet in the position to start being sold to the public. That is very well know. Something that many do not know is that these car companies tell the users to only use self-driving on the highways because that is the safest way to use it. The car companies have not yet perfected it to be able to use it on regular streets. In Tesla’s case, the car cannot yet detect civilians and bicyclists. That is a must know for the people who want to or already own these vehicles so they do not turn on the feature when they are not supposed to and cause an accident.

Even though I have been doing research on this topic I still have some question that I do not know the answer to yet. The biggest question that I would like answered is if the car gets into an accident, whose fault, is it? The driver or the vehicle. I feel that that should be the most important question that everyone should have. Another one would be, will companies like Tesla take the beta label off the mode or will they keep it there just for safety from lawsuit? The last question I have so far is how long will it take for more car companies to get into this market? You see many of them advertising future release, but how close is it for public release?

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