Monorepos in the Wild

Markus Oberlehner
11 min readJun 12, 2017
Talking about Monorepos @ WeAreDevelopers 2017 | © Niklas Thiede

Monolithic approaches to software development have quite a bad reputation, and rightfully so. Modularization and micro services dictate the current landscape especially in the web development world.

But still there is a relatively new trend coming up which — at first glance — seems to contradict the push for modularization. The Monorepo. Although, Monorepos are not in the least incompatible with modular software development practices — quite the opposite — managing code in a single repository can simplify the development process of modular software projects, like micro services based infrastructures, tremendously.

Not only big tech giants like Google and Facebook are using monolithic approaches for managing their enormous codebases. Also popular open source projects like Babel or React are successfully using Monorepos to maintain all their official packages in a single repository.

Although there are many benefits building modular software which consists of multiple packages (intended to be published in a package management system like Composer or npm) in a single repository, it is not without its own problems and challenges. The developers behind the Babel project have built a tool called Lerna which can help to streamline the npm publishing workflow of Monorepo based projects.

In this article we’re going to explore why managing modular projects in Monorepos is becoming more and more popular not only among big companies, but also among medium to large sized open source projects. Furthermore we’ll look at potential ups and downs of Monorepos versus Manyrepos. Last but not least I’ll going to show you how to use Lerna and which problems I could solve transforming one of my own projects from Manyrepos to a Monorepo and I’ll explain the process of migrating the code of many standalone repositories into one single repository.

What exactly is a Monorepo?

Definitions vary but speaking very broadly, a Monorepo is a single repository holding the code of multiple projects which may or may not be related in some way. The projects managed in a Monorepo can be dependents of each other (like React and the react-dom package) or they can be completely unrelated (like the Google search algorithm and Angular) respectively only related because both are Google…

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