You hate clickbait. Your users hate clickbait. Let’s find a better solution for us all.

According to Oxford dictionary, clickbait is “content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page”. While the concept of digital clickbait is relatively new, this method has been utilized since the invention of printing and distribution of newspapers.

Newspaper owners quickly understood that in order to meet the growing competition in newsstands and supermarket newspaper shelves, they had to create front page headlines that were interesting enough to intrigue passersby into choosing their newspaper — even if the title is misleading.

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New York Post newspaper from 1983, One of most famous newspaper headlines. Called “The Godfather of clickbaits” by the New Yorker.

As clickbait has grown in popularity in companies looking to increase conversion rate on both their organic and sponsored content (mainly on social networks), it has grown to be hated amongst users. …

Measure Twice Cut Once: A Marketing Thought Process

The Double Diamond model was developed just over a decade ago by Design Council UK, to describe a process for designing and developing a new product. It quickly gained popularity and was recognized among UX and Product Designers as the ideal methodology for product design.

The model is represented by two conjoined diamonds. The first diamond’s purpose is to explore the problems that the product will address, while the role of the second diamond is to determine a successful solution.

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According to Design Council: “Divided into four distinct phases, Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver, it maps the divergent and convergent stages of the design process.“ …

Choosing a Marketing Strategy That Fits Your Audience: A Falafel’s Tale

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Credit: Twitter

As someone born and raised in Israel, I know, love, eat, and argue about falafel on a regular basis. And it’s not just me — everyone in Israel knows and loves falafel, which is in essence a deep-fried ball of ground chickpeas. Not an overwhelmingly glamorous food, yet the love for falafel is so extreme that there’s even a well known folk song called “The Falafel Song”. …


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