6+1 main reasons for using MapFactor Navigator

1. Free navigation app

2. Offline navigation

“Truly excellent Really really good app. Essential. Free, accurate GPS. Download the app and when your going on holiday just download the relevant country. Boom. Fantastic. Used it in Barbados and it’s perfectly accurate and has all the POIs you could imagine.” (user review)

3. Free maps and updates

4. Navigator supports professional TomTom maps and offers more accurate and reliable navigation for truck and large vehicle drivers

5. Turn-by-turn navigation

A+ Worked great in Scottland but needed solid wifi to downld the 300mB map initially. After initial download, worked great offline. Speed warning feature really valuable. Voiced instructions are well timed and accurate for all these nutsy roundabouts. Highly recommend.” (user review)

6. Voice navigation

“Navigator by map factor Great free navigation app. The British women’s voice is extraordinary and so pleasant. I actually wish she would say more! With the other navigation apps, I can’t stand the nagging Voice. I’d gladly donate money to keep this free. It’s good to see that there good old days are still alive, power to the people! Excellent job!” (user review)

7. Live HD traffic information



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