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Jan 10 · 4 min read

We are in January. Spring begins in two months, and Daylight Savings is too many weeks away. And as all Live Free of Die staters knows Spring sometimes is just another word for “Second Winter” with more snow, ice, and cold, wet weather. So what do you do if you live on the NH Seacoast and can’t afford the luxury of a season pass or the daily lift ticket prices at the ski and snowboard resorts? Well, I put together a list of things that helped me beat cabin fever and the depression that comes along with what can feel like an isolating winter where it’s easy to work, go to the gym, and come home and watch Netflix and repeat.

I put together a list of things I’ve found successful in keeping the winter blues at bay. I hope they help you as well and remember summer is coming. But if you want to surf without fear of Cabot, the Great White Shark and his buddies now is the time before the ocean reaches between 12 and 24 °C (54 and 75 °F). What? I’m serious.

5 Outrageous Ideas to Soothe Your 1.Ride at Rye Airfield in Rye Cabin Fever

At Rye Airfield, you will see people of all ages riding everything from BMX bikes to skateboards and scooters to inline skates and roller skates. I started skateboarding here a few winters back, and last year became a rye airfield member because I enjoyed it so much! Rye Airfield is a great place to go on a date, or meet friends, or go alone and make new friends.

2. Invent a new sport

3. Backcountry Snowboarding

Say what? Yes, that’s right. I said it. Invent something new. Ski Bikes and Fat Bike Skis were all once some person’s crazy invention tested on backyard hills. Not to mention snurfing, snowboarding, and snow surfing, which though sound similar are all very different — have fun googling, and you are welcome! Oh, and let’s not forget the newest craze downhill mountain kayaking! Downhill Snow Kayak Races video credit: Red Bull

No lifts. No lines. No money. No problem.

I did a lot of this during my senior year of high school when I moved to New Hampshire from Vermont, mostly because I didn’t have a car, and the mountains were too far away for my parents to give up their time to take me. These days I prefer it over the crowded ski areas.

Large crowds you know the kind at music festivals and ski resorts I find overwhelming, and thus though I enjoy riding a groomed trail, I sometimes get anxiety over getting on and off the chair lift quick enough. Therefore, I enjoy the peacefulness of the backcountry. Chris, aka Trail Chick, has some tips on how to start How to Get Started Backcountry Snowboarding.

4. Join a Book Group

Most of us don’t have time to sit and read a book anymore. I swear the last book I read took me two months to finish. Two months. However, when you join a book group, there’s a bit of peer pressure to read what the group has selected, and you get to help choose the books. Also, even if you haven’t read the book, it’s an excuse to be social and eat snacks. And who doesn’t like to eat?

5. Winter Surfing

Don’t let anyone fool you. It’s going to be cold. Cold AF. Wear the appropriate gear because if you don’t, you could get hyperthermia or worse. Also please don’t surf alone. If something happened to you like say, your board knocks you unconscious, no one would know if you are out there by yourself.

Okay, now for the fun parts — no sharks, no parking tickets, no accidentally bonking tourists with your longboard as your walking from your car down to the water. Your non-surfing friends will give you a look of respect reserved for the particularly daring, crazy, and brave. You may get windburned. Pro-tip I slather my face in Bag Balm post surfing in the fall and winter to heal my skin.

If you do decide to try winter surfing, do not attempt it without reading these Winter Surfing Tips from local surfing guru, Ralph Fatello.

Tamara J. Collins is the author of the poetry collection, Metempsychosis: Poems. She has written fiction and nonfiction for various magazines and literary publications. Tamara participates in equestrian sports. She also surfs, skateboards, and snowboards. She and her family share their home in New Hampshire with one turtle, one rabbit, and a protective cat named Carlisle Samson Collins. View all posts by Tamara J. Collins

Originally published at http://tamarajcollins.com on January 10, 2020.

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