I’m sorry about this photo. Despite a wish to be unique and experimental, like most of my peers do, this is the kind of picture I most of the time come up with to ‘dress’ an article for media outlets.

It has the typical vivid colours, good lighting and documents something photogenic. If not a latte to-go, then trendy shoes and something with stripes will do.

But the crux is that too many shiny photo’s can actually make you feel uninspired. And to be honest, sort of like a freak. …

For about seven years I worked at a supermarket in my small hometown. To some of you, that seems like the average boring job any teenager gets, but for me it was a time where I’ve learned more about customer service, co-operating and even economy in its smallest and finest form.

Here are three lessons from my supermarket career, that I hope to bring in practice at Mappening:

1. People follow other people

A part of the time I worked at a supermarket, I was a green greengrocer. In this section it is really important to present the (hopefully) fresh products the best way possible…

What if we could enforce our ties with people that provide us with good things, like inspiration, energy and wisdom?

In our first blogpost I spoke about our tour towards World Domination.
We don’t (just) do this because of our wish to give TEDx talks all over the world. But because nothing’s more frustrating than figuring out personal stuff, knowing that in this world there’s probably someone with the exact same issue. Or at least with an out-of-the box take on yours.

What if we could get in touch with these people and their visions? Imagine what this could mean…

‘’ Lesson number one: don’t act as if you already have a company.’’

Last week entrepreneur Jelle Kamsma ended his pitch on how his start-up LocalFocus became a succes with a slight sobering bang. According to him, the first steps when receiving funds to execute a plan for World Domination, are most of the time taken in the wrong direction. His message: don’t waste your precious time on stuff like decorating your new office or worrying about where one of Mother Nature’s most powerful gifts — coffee — gets his place. Just. Start.

Could it really be that simple?

If you want to be succesfull then…


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