Friends are a blessing to our lives. I’m sure you agree. They annoy you, irritate you tease you, but hey, they are the ones who’re there for you.

1. Your crazy, crazy friend

We’ve all had that one impossibly crazy friend who doesn’t seem to care about others’ criticism, not worried about the complications; that free, wild and simply crazy type. Personally, I think these kind of friends usually spice up your otherwise seems-to-be-boring life. They actually teach you it’s okay to have some fun when there’s breath still left in your lungs.

2. ‘Fangirling’-over-books friend

Those who simply love books, will have had / have at least one such friend in your life. Simply just NON-STOP CHATTING about books is all you ever do. Fan theories, when the sequel is gonna be released, what happens in this part, what happens there, what the character’s past was, will this happen, will that happen; this is the friend with whom you share literally EVERYTHING that happens in the books. For instance, me and my friend we started drawing the symbols and the characters in the book and relating them to real life characters. There has always been a time when you’ve hid books in some library cause you didn’t want somebody else to take them😂

3. Your study buddy

TBH, these friends are boons given to us. Helping us in studies, doing our homework😂, discussing the matters of the world, these friends are the best people you can share your out-of-this-world nerdiness with. This kind of buddy often plays video games with you and your standard partner in crime.

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