DCBKK 2014

Maggie Appleton
Nov 6, 2014 · 3 min read

Conference Sketchnotes

In October of 2014, two-hundred location-independent online entrepreneurs gathered in Bangkok for the annual Dynamite Circle conference. This is a visual recording of what it’s like to spend the weekend sharing ideas, insights, and more than a few cups of bulletproof coffee with some of the most ambitious & interesting digital nomads taking over the internet.

Drawn by Maggie Appleton
Thanks to all the organisers, speakers, & community for a great time.

Sketchnotes. def. “Visual notes drawn live”

Day One
The Masterminds

Masterminding is getting a bunch of experts in one place to share & solve specific problems for each other’s businesses.

In groups of 10, DC’ers broke down the sticking points & struggles each person faced in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Everyone offered their “little hinges” for the year; the small changes that leverage huge wins in your business. Tim Conley originally popularised this idea (rumour has it Dan Kennedy is the original source).

The Main Talks

Seven key speakers offered their thoughts on starting, scaling, and maintaining thriving businesses while living location-independent lifestyles.

Optimizing LTV: How to Make More Money From Your Business

From Blog to Big Media: Creating an International Best Selling Book

How I Made $125,000 Between DCBKK 2013 and DCBKK 2014

Building a Scalable 7 Figure Service Company

How I Turned $6,000 into a $600,000 Supplement Brand

Going From Zero to Kickstarter

Inbox Zero to Inbox Negative: Emails From the Future

Loving These?
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I still have dates open in 2015 to professionally Sketchnote at a few events.
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