Deloitte Survey reports more enterprises are entering blockchain at record pace

A recent study by Deloitte found that 41% of companies across the globe have blockchain in production. It has long been known that the mindset and sentiment of the business world toward blockchain technology was shifting. This new report concretes that not only has it shifted, but it has resulted in action around the world.

The study saw almost 1,500 senior executives from 14 countries discuss their company’s stance toward the technology. The number that have incorporated blockchain into their production has increased by over double compared with last year’s reports. …

Ethereum, EOS, Tron & Ripple can’t even compete

Bitcoin has dropped to 9th place with the top 3 most active projects going to Lisk, aelf, and Chainlink for Github commits over the last 12 months according to Github reporting site CryptoMiso. Each project, with between 4–5K commits this year, has roughly doubled the activity of Bitcoin with aelf and Chainlink’s accounts being created within 4 days of each other in November 2017.

All 3 top projects have seen little to no impact from the Coronavirus with them holding the top 3 positions on Github activity over a 3, 6, 9 and 12 month period. …

By now almost every country has either had cases confirmed within their borders or has set some legal structure in place to battle the spread of the Corona Virus. The United States leads the world with the most cases, currently sitting at over 160K cases confirmed. My twitter feed is saturated with posts about this global pandemic. People are posting about their struggles, their joys, their opinions and occasionally about the facts. It seems this Virus is all that matters right now in the world. But I want to encourage you through this post — there is more to life.

If you work from home, you need to read this to improve your work productivity, giving you more free time. This is not the holy grail, but will give you a head start in reaching your maximum potential.

Many of you will have been uprooted in your comfort zones at work, and may be working from home. This is not an easy transition and can require some very clear guides set by yourself in order to achieve a basic level of efficiency. I’m one of the fortunate few who have been working from home for years now. My role at…


Founded in 1972, they were very popular in early video game development and are seen as one of the founding companies in the industry. They were a US manufacturer and were successful until the mid 1990’s Prior to this, Atari were also involved in PC Manufacturing with peak sales in 1988 of $452 Million. The next year they discontinued the pc component due to FBI investigations for violations of Japanese parts to US Import laws.

In 1989 atari lost a sales battle between their handheld device, Lynx, to the Nintendo Game Boy.

In 1998, amid the difficult situation of…

By now, everyone around the world will be aware of the Corona Virus (COVID19). Many of us will have been impacted in some way, either through panic buying of toilet paper, or changed travel plans or simply cancelled public events. Are we all going to die, I suggest not. I’m not a medical expert on the virus and I will not be discussing the health implications of such a pandemic. But to think that will be the only type of impact is short-sighted. So how will this affect the crypto industry?

Although I cannot say with 100% certainty the events…

Token Model, Node & Voter Incentives, & Governance

In the lead up to aelf’s much anticipated Mainnet launch, the Economic & Governance Whitepaper was released on Feb 17th. This Whitepaper provides the sought after information surrounding the financial structure of running a node on the aelf blockchain. The whitepaper is broken up into 3 main topics: Token Model, Incentive Model, & Governance.

Some of the burning questions that have now been put at ease include, how many tokens are required to setup a node? What does the incentive structure of running a node look like? Who can vote and what is the minimum amount of tokens needed? …

In support of the Crypto Anthem release, aelf has sponsored numerous contests with a combined prize pool of over $1,000 USD. This article will be updated with details about the contests as they go live with the first contest live as soon as the anthem is released on youtube.

Youtube Comment Contest

Aelf IBC Wallet development Rivals JPMorgan Blockchain Center offshoot, Kadena blockchain. Are they the first to successfully develop multi asset interoperability?

Scalability held the spotlight throughout 2018/19 in the blockchain world, but a new leader has pushed scalability to the side — IBC, or Inter-Blockchain Communication has been discussed at length by many around the world, and the team(s) who crack this case will be seen by many as having found (one of) the holy grail of blockchain. This hot topic has been resonating throughout the blockchain industry as we enter 2020.

The ultimate goal of worldwide blockchain adoption has seen hurdles grow, before ultimately being overcome by the sheer power of blockchain Research and development, spear-headed by the passion of…

Airdrops are so 2017, free money was fun while it lasted but now when someone says free money in crypto, the first thoughts are scams and ponzi schemes. But in 2020, there is a way to earn free money, in a legitimate, common practice, and logical manner — staking.

Staking is the core concept behind the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus protocol that is quickly becoming an industry standard throughout blockchain projects. PoS allows blockchains to scale effectively without compromising on security and resource efficiency. Projects that incorporate staking include aelf, Dash, EOS, Cosmos, Cardano, Dfinity and many others.


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