How to Purchase $MAP Tokens | Tutorial

Purchase $MAP tokens

✍️ Authors: Hank the Crank & Maffaz

One of the requirements to starting a validator with MAP is to have 1M locked MAP tokens in your account. In this example, we will buy BNB, swap it for wrapped MAP on the Binance Chain through PancakeSwap, then bridge it to the Makalu Chain (which is what MAP uses) and send it to your validator (or use the validator wallet to buy it).

💰Buy BNB on Binance

Buying BNB

✅ Head over to PancakeSwap and swap it for MAP

You can add MAP to Metamask here (Remember it’s still on the Binance chain)

🌟 Go to the MAP Bridge

Swap the MAP from the Binance Chain (BSC Mainnet) to the Makalu Chain and (if you didn’t use the validator wallet) send it to your validator.

🎉 Now you can use MetaMask to send between your accounts!

Our MAP Protocol community has also contributed to this piece. 💙 Huge thanks to the community!

About MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol is the omnichain layer for Web3 with fully secure cross-chain communication built on Light-client and zk-SNARK technology. MAP provides the cross-chain infrastructure to public chains and dApps by connecting both EVM with non-EVM chains. Developers can access a full suite of SDKs so their dApps can easily become omnichain applications.

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MAP Protocol 💙MAPO

Omnichain layer for Web3 with provably secure cross-chain communication built on Light-client & ZK technology.