Let’s Read: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Some parts of my house will be renovated soon, so our family members are all getting things organized, thrown, and all cleared out except me… I am the laziest, and the messiest person out of four of us, sadly.

Since it would be once-in-a-life-time thing for me to organize my stuff, so why not do it completely done and as effectively as possible. I then recognized the name of this book which I have seen many times while walking around in the bookstore but have never once picked it up.

That was my Sunday night and then I bought this Thai-version of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo’ on Monday afterwork for THB 180 from AsiaBooks, and have been reading it while commuting to the office every day.

Today, a Thursday night, I have finished it on my way back home : D and feel like I want to keep it alive in my memory by sharing my summary here.

Notes before starting organizing your stuff:

  1. Fix the schedule for organizing your stuff and mark the deadline: just like you are marking the date for a special event. For my case I would do for 5 days (two weekends and a day.)
  2. Do it completely done at once. So you will feel the change in your life. Not like a little by little for your entire life.
  3. Imagine that each piece of things has feelings and reasons for its existence. So appreciate it (before let it go…)
  4. Don’t let your mom see the stuffs you are throwing! otherwise it will be somewhere in the house.
  5. Do it by category, not by location.


  1. Start with this order of categories: Clothes -> Books -> Documents -> Random little things -> Things with memory! (with this order you would not stuck with the cherished memory since the beginning and as the time goes by, you will be strong enough to make decision to get rid of those memories.)
  2. Gather every pieces of those categories at once (to see a pile of surprisingly amount of things you have) and pick them up piece by piece with question “Does it spark joy?”
  3. If yes! Then keep it.
  4. If not, or so so, then tell it ‘thanks for being with me and blah blah’ (sometimes thanks for making me happy at the time I bought, even though I have not used you once.) and throw it away. not giving to someone else.
  5. Organize things you keep vertically. Don’t pile things up like a column.
  6. Clothes: put in drawer that high enough for just one level of half-folded clothes. keep it in order of colors and materials.
  7. Books: can see all the titles. Don’t put in soon-forgotten boxes. The ones you have not read, you will never read. The ones you have not finished, you will never finished (soon.)
  8. Documents: two folders 1) need attention soon 2) important documents to be kept for long but infrequently used like a passport . Throw away all the manuals, you can google them up later.
  9. Random little things: don’t thing you will need it in the future that make you keep it (forever) now. Gifts: thanks for making me happy at the time I received it.
  10. Things with memory: Be in the present. Keep only what make you happy.
  11. Each category is kept at the same place. Fix home for each piece of things. Everyone is always happy to be home right : ) also keep things as simply as possible. Ignore the convenience to use those stuffs.
  12. Then live.


  1. You should appreciate value of things: Know that they have already served your service in one way.
  2. Be present. Not past or future: Let your pasts go for good, also don’t expect you would do this and that with this stuff in the nearly future so let’s keep it…that’s no no.
  3. It is ok to be short of something at a period of time. So don’t keep ‘just-in-case’ things
  4. If it is really yours, it will find the way back.
  5. You are the only one who know what you need.
  6. You are what you keep : )

I will be working on this. When I am done, and hopefully be living with the Konmari-method situation for a while. I would come back and tell you how my life has changed : )

Till then,


  • I saw Marie Kondo from Talks at Google. She is really cute!
  • There is a lot more tips in her book, so you should check it out.
  • ชีวิตดีขึ้นทุกๆด้านด้วยการจัดบ้านแค่ครั้งเดียว ของสำนักพิมพ์ WeLearn

Originally published at comeandgojustlikethat.wordpress.com on January 14, 2016.