I don’t think so.

I have participated in FGIs, Focus Group Interviews, as both an owner of projects and an attendant.

The recent one was yesterday. My company is doing an FGI for an internal training program for our local office. I did not know how did they pick participants but it turned out I was one of the 12 of our company of around 200 employees.

Since I knew it should be about training programs, so I prepared a little bit for what skills I would like my team or my coworkers to possess and what would be great for our environment and our company as a whole. I listed out in a separate note though.

Of course they are mainly hard and soft skills. Most of the time people would think that we lack only soft skills. But I would say to an extent, one might unfortunately lack of hard skills…even with numerous years of working experiences in the same industry.

Anyway, the leader of the focus group asked only about soft skills though. I then realized the future training program would be a lot about those soft skills which in the past were specifically for the leads’ training sessions. So, each different teams will need to continue coaching on hard skills to our team members by ourselves even for the fundamentals.

Whats were we being asked:
 — Teamwork: Why our team succeeds? Why our team fails? What make it so?
 — Conflict management: What we do when we have conflicts or difficulties working with others?
 — International diversity: What are our experiences working with the diverse office? Positives and negatives.
 — Communication: What is constructive communication? What is influential/persuasive communicaion?
 — Employee loyalty: How to make employee be loyal to the company?

These questions are actually included in many job interview sessions and, of course, MBA admission applications.

So, let’s see what would the result be. I’ll come back and update after I get an update.

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