Another tutorial to get free Bitcoins everyday with minimal efforts.

(Check my profile for tutorial #1)

1: Sign-up for Coinpot micro wallet. ( This is your “main” account where you will receive your Bitcoins

2: Sign-up with each of the following faucets using the same e-mail you used on coinpot so the accounts will be linked

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Litecoin

Moon Dogecoin

Moon Bitcoincash



Bonus Bitcoin

Note: All “moon” faucets have a loyalty bonus, you get more rewards if you claim everyday. So set an alarm to claim at least once a day to increase reward bonus up to 100%.

Now the easy part: (#1 Trick to get steady Bitcoin income)

On Coinpot, you receive Coinpot tokens everytime you claim and complete “challenges”.

The easiest way to complete challenges is to use the multiplier autoroll:

3: Click on “Multiplier” and “autoroll settings”.

4: Set the maximum number of rolls to 100 000, pause 1 seconds betweens rolls and that’s it for the settings.

5: Click on “1 Token” to start autoroll. The trick is to make 100k rolls everyday to complete the challenges so you’ll receive 1000+ coinpot tokens)

6: After about 24 hours, you will have a lot more coinpot tokens and you can now convert them to Satoshis.

Select: “Coinpot tokens” and click “convert coinpot tokens to”

Choose “convert to bitcoin core”, amount and your password.

BOOM! You now have bitcoins that you can send to your wallet, to an exchange and trade ex : Binance (Use this special link to save 10% on fees)

Or you can send your coins and earn up to 12% interest with Celcius Network App (KYC needed)

That’s it.. 15 minutes to set up, + 5 minutes per day to claim on faucets and get your loyalty bonus and you’ll get Bitcoins for free everyday.

Feel free to share your results and stats in comments.


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Cryptocurrencies Enthusiast. Trader, Faucet Owner, BTC addict.

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