Guide: Get Free Bitcoins everyday

Nov 14 · 3 min read

You want to accumulate Bitcoins easily?

Follow this guide to get steady Bitcoin (5000 Satoshis) income everyday, with minimal efforts

1: Click on this link: And register a new account

  • You should use e-mail and not Facebook or Google to sign-up

This is the site you will watch small videos and get points in return.

Bookmark it

2: Go to and register a new account

On the menu: go to “PTC and Offerwall” , click “Offerwall” , “Ascendmedia” and “Videos

You’ll find the channels so now you choose the one you’re interrested in. (Try it’s really funny)

It’ll open Hideout page, and you’ll be able to watch videos and get rewards points. (Keep this browser window open at all times, and check every couple of hours to fill captcha.)

To get your points, click “Rewards” button under the video. Log in and click “Redeem” to link to your Allcoins account.

You’re almost done!

Now that you have some Hideout points, your Allcoins account is linked, you can redeem those points and convert them to BTC!

Click “Start Redeem Process” choose your linked Allcoins account, and click “Redeem Balance” button.

3: Go to Allcoins website, click “PTC and offerwall” then “Offerwall” and you should see your confirmed rewards there:

Click “Cashout to your balance” and that’s it! You allcoins account is credited with satoshis, you can then withdraw to your wallet or exchange address.!

  • You need to level up on Allcoins to get faster payouts, so it’s gonna take a few days before you can get satoshis.. (Highers levels = instants payouts)
  • TIP! To level up faster, click “Games” and play Vegadice OR Luckynumber. You’ll get a lot of XP . And you can Redeem 3 times a day for 50Xp everytime

That’s it folks! you can now get Bitcoins for free.. everyday!!


Written by

Cryptocurrencies Enthusiast. Trader, Faucet Owner, BTC addict.

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