Activity: Khudi and Self Learning through your own Blog

1. Part 1 of your blog post: Edhi Sb reading

I read page 23–40. On page number 28, paragraph number 4, I read that Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahab saved a poor and frightened man from a group of bad senior boys who are frightening and torturing the poor man. Abdul Sattar Sahab fought with bad boys for saving the poor man. I remember that, about 4 months ago, I was coming to my home from Shahkot on my motor cycle. On the way, i saw that two men were beating a young boy badly. I saw that the young boy also have a motor cycle and a box was on his motor cycle. I guessed that he was a poor hawker. On the other hand the two men were wearing clean and costly dress. One of them and young boy were injured and some motor cycle pasts were broken. Its mean it was an accident case that’s why they were beating him. I convinced them that they were doing wrong and they have no right to beating him. They asked me that he did mistake that why the accident happened. I asked them that he was also injured. And you should thanked to God to save your life instead of beating the young man. Then they left the poor young boy.

2. Part 2 of your blog post: Your #juststart project

The project or a goal that I want to achieve is to become a person that my mother wants to make me. She is always angry with me and giving punish to me because I am not interested in doing pieces of work at home. I like to gossip with my friends. I waste a lot of my time in my games, touring and in gossiping with my friends. Then I make a plan to change my activities and make myself as my mother wants. I face a lot of troubles while achieving this goal and also facing troubles now because I have to left my favorite game taekwondo. I have to stop my tours.

At start I face some difficulties while completing the tasks, then Sir. Usman guided me and I also et help from my friend. Then I really enjoyed while completing this tasks.. And I learn a lot of new things while completing the tasks.

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