Informational Interview

When we are going to enter into professional life, there are many questions arises in our mind related to any field. Informational interview is good path towards your career. You can got easily perception about it. If you have a full information regarding any field, it will be helpful for you. This interview not same as job interview, ultimately it is about networking technique.

For this purpose I called to my fellow “Ruhma Yousaf” who is the “HR Executive” in Nishat. She is one of my best fellow. She has been doing a job from last one year. I told her about my project of Informational Interview and I took permission to ask some questions related to HR.

My first question is that, How she has started her job in this field? She told me that she has done her Graduation from Punjab University in Administrative Sciences. She did internship here for 3 months and then they hired her, as her performance base.

Second question which i asked, What do you find unique about your career field? She told me that environment of my office is very different and unique.

Third question is that, Which skills do you feel contribute most to success or necessary in this field? She replied me you should work hard to become successful. You must have strong communication and interpersonal skills in this field. Which helps you in teamwork and to supporting your colleagues as well.

Then i asked another question, What is the beneficial opportunities for this company? She told me that it is base on your performance. They promote you on your performance.

I asked What is your timing of job? She said, my office timing is 10am to 6pm. But sometimes i have to stay there to completing my extra tasks.

Interesting question which i asked is that, do you have to deal with significant conflict? She said that no way from my first day to till now. I haven't deal with any conflict. Because i know how to deal the people at work place.

And last question from my side is that are you suggest to your fellows for job in this company? She said, yes i’ll must give suggestion to my fellows for applying and doing job in this company.

After this interview,i thought that type of job would be suitable for me. Because my specialization of Management is also related to HR. I have an interest also in HR field.I learned many thing from that interview. I learned that in which ways HR deal with employees. How we can avoid conflicts in work place.Most important thing which i learned, professional life is how much is different. After my graduation i’ll must be apply for HR job IN SHAA ALLAH.

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