Centrism is Dead. Time to Rebuild the Left.
Tyler Norris

As long as you believe in the left right paradigm you are not in reality. If you ask should bankers be allowed to cheat their investors and customers i think yo would get 100% agreement, the answer is no, however when it comes to government echoing that response it is 0%. If you ask should we let children die of starvation or veterans you would get the same. The problem is this concept of left right is just a game to divide and create dissension by asking the wrong question. Is it liberal or conservative to want to stop government waste. Is it liberal or conservative to want to stop war. When Obama droned innocent people supposed liberals set on their hands and shut their mouth. What we really are dealing with is tribalim, which team are you on is the question, not do you protect and defend the constitution. So if you want to pick a team, pick the one that stands for principles that allign with the constitution and human rights. The team that stands on principles. Right now that is not the democr or republicans.

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