Currently, with the growing cyber-risks of unlimited techniques that companies and government entities suffer and will suffer, it is essential to have a document transfer management system that allows, reliably, the accreditation of access and delivery of documents; especially those with high sensitivity due to the publication of private data of European citizens.

Europe is aware of this danger, and has established a series of mandatory rules and regulations for all companies that manage private data of European citizens, regardless of their fiscal and social residence. A breach of this regulation may force the company to pay large fines and prevent billing in European territory during annual periods.

From one of the outermost territories of the European Union, Canary Islands, a tool is being developed that will allow strict compliance with current and future private data protection regulations, with access from any device, simply by requiring a web browser connected to the Internet. This solution, called MARAChain, will deploy a distributed network of nodes by the main European Data Centers, and will offer its users the possibility of sending and receiving documents of high confidentiality, in only-for-your-eyes mode, with reception and reading accreditation of the document sent; in addition to the time stamp certification issued by European government suppliers. All of the above, together with our GDPR compliance certification, offers document transmissions legal validity before judicial matters, being MARAChain a reliable third party.

Until today, several document delivery companies perform document delivery services that take hours, days, or weeks, without forgetting the complexity of their processing and delivery services for these documents. All this with a high cost, often more than 6 or 10 euros per document.

MARAChain offers instant certified delivery, regardless of the number of pages or format of the document sent. You will always pay 1 MARA.

What is MARA?

MARA is the document transfer unit within our distributed network. Through MARA, you can transfer any document you want, regardless of the level of sensitivity of private data, since the network guarantees maximum security and is accredited for compliance with the EU-GDPR.

MARAChain is currently finishing its round of financing, in which we offer our investors a MARA budget for their investment, at a cost lower than the standard value of this unit. This allows us to finance the development of the network and the platform, with the highest quality of processes.

Currently, several companies have relied on our technology, offering their reputational endorsement and technological support. Among these are multinationals such as IBM ( and OVH (, and technology companies such as ARK Ecosystems ( and Lazarus Technology ( Thanks to their support, and to the innovation of our technological solution, we have managed to reach the figure of 10 million transactions for our first year of production with pre-commercial agreements with highly prestigious European entities.

Thanks to all the above, several rating agencies have estimated that MARAChain can generate 100 million transfers of documents before it reaches its 10 years of existence; generating great benefits for the early-investors who have invested in the current round of financing.