Why MARAChain is unique and different?

In the times we live in, data privacy and protection are major concerns across the globe, especially the way in which private data is handled by corporations in an increasingly digital world. The EU has issued a series of regulatory standards to protect the private information of citizens of the European Union (EU), called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This regulation set series of rules and sanctions not only for organizations based in the EU but even for business and professional entities having business activity in the European territory or those that are handling private data of EU citizens.

MARAChain was created with the aim of offering companies, public and private institutions, freelancers and citizens a tool to transmit any document with maximum privacy and security, and with the legal validity necessary for judicial matters.

Thus, MARAChain replaces the traditional document distribution companies (DHL, UPS, Correos de España, etc.) and Trusted Third Entity, allowing access to the tool developed at much lower costs. In addition, taking into account security features and optimization of resources, MARAChain can replace the current Judicial Documentary Management Software of many European Union countries, which would allow a broad speed in the exchange of judicial documentation between judicial bodies of the European Union.

The implementation methodology of the Blockchain Technology developed by MARAChain, allows compliance with the strictest data protection regulations, including the application of the Right to be Forgotten, without corruption of the Blockchain. This characterizes MARAChain as the first Blockchain software with strict and certified compliance with the GDPR. In addition, other blockchain software auto-issue Time Stamp certificates produced by the Blockchain. MARAChain offers its customers a double time stamp, composed of the same Blockchain, plus the time stamp issued by an entity recognized and authorized by the European Union as TSA (Time Stamping Authority), an essential requirement to obtain legal validity in judicial matters.

In light of the above, MARAChain lays the foundations for a global network of document transmission that is unique in the world.