Why Is Syria Hell on Earth? Here’s The Ugly but True Answer…
Zaron Burnett III

Interesting Article, but you have missed two key pieces in your analysis. 1) Continuing climate shift and warming reduced the amount of water available to Sunni Peasant Farmers in Eastern Syria, with resulting population shifts into the Cities of Western Syria. This was part of the “Perfect Storm” of situational circumstances that lined up with the Syrian “Arab Spring” to create the Hell that is Syria today. 2) The TransJordan Addendum to the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine (1923) took 77% of the designated Jewish National Homeland (Israel) Mandate Lands for “Arab Palestine”, with the Golan Heights being “given” by the British to the French Mandate for Syria, and receiving quid pro quo’s in exchange for British national political interests. Then British gave Arab Palestine as a private Feudal Fiefdom to their clients, the Meccan Hashemites. the Remainder of the Mandate for Palestine (23%) was designated for “Jewish Palestine”. When the Mandate was finally running out, and with feet to the fire to sign UN 181, in order to save Refugee Jews, Jewish Palestinians signed off. Got rid of the British hostiles, and as the Arabs, both the Arab Higher Committee and the Arab League refused UN 181….making it moot, and never entering the Canon of International Law. The upshot of this is that Israel became Sovereign and Self-Determining in 1948, but the Jewish National Homeland was born in 1922 via the San Remo Accords, the Treaty of Sevres, of which the Mandate for Palestine was the implementation. Just as Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, TransJordan, as well as Israel were Nation-States created by those Laws. And that was begun post WW1, not WW2. The Jewish People were the only Indigenous Group to become sovereign on ancestral homeland, none of the other Indigenous Groups from prior to the Arab Invasions, Conquests and Colonization were allowed to become such, hence the issues between Arabs and Kurds, Yazidi and Assyrians.

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