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Ijeoma Oluo

I was wrong. I apologize. When I googled “1991 John Doe” what came up was “Wikepedia…list of unidentified murder victims in California.” The John Doe referenced is halfway down the page. He has almond eyes, full lips, dark skin, and a pattern of facial hair like the photo you posted on your blog. All other aspects of the case were as I described. I wonder if the Vietnamese John Doe has people that are still wondering where he is. I wonder if you care. I identify as Hispanic, even though I am only part. But I care about all the John Does and Jane Does, not just Hispanics. I hope you care. I’m sorry I was wrong about the African American John Doe. And yes, I hope someone figured out “his people”. I wonder if he had a mother somewhere waiting, and why he was never claimed. Good luck in your objectives!

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