Dos and Don’ts About SEO With Google’s New Search and Ranking Algorithm in 2019

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Jul 9 · 3 min read

By — Marak Technologies Private Limited

Hey ? Are you aware why some sites are ranked higher on Google and why not yours.

If you want your business to be on the top it’s better to stay updated with all algorithms. Here are some tips that will help your site to get higher rank.

SEO Do’s and Don’ts…



Images play an important role as well it has been verified by research that almost 70 to 80% are more likely to read a content which includes images almost about 70% of viewers are likely to remember it. Image SEO optimization is one of the most formidable components on web page.

Mobile optimization

Everyone nowadays uses smartphones to keep in contact with , for accessing general information on weather,business and to buy goods etc. Mobile optimization helps you when someone is accessing your website from a mobile device. It will help you in brand engagement, mobile traffic and reduce bounce rate.


Yes it is important for SEO ,it is a marketing tool which will establish a brand voice, blogging improves your Google ranking by 434% with highly content, consistently of blogging is important and also need to be updated constantly. .


It will help you to know about your content it will let you know about what people are searching for about content.keywords are still important if we can use in a right way and give your audience a right information.


We can say it is a web address it will help in specifies the location of a web page also known as the protocol such as HTTP,HTTPS etc.It will improved viewers experience and the ranking factor.A simple and a relevant URL it will help users and search engines t understand them the best way to use URL is using words.

Investing in Social Media

Social media is the right place for business it will boost your website traffic through the search engines .social media will give you opportunity to reach out to the customers with the help of facebook,instagram and whatsapp.

Relevant links

It increases website visibility and it is important it will reduce spam websites and try to give you a better user experience to the clients and will benefit you in the long run.

Relevant contents

More than 3 billions searches per day a relevant contents provide you to give information on a web that will be beneficial for your product and services and also will help your website to rank higher on a search engine results.



It is always necessary to have a relevant link which will match up with the company’s dealership. Many times the back link doesn’t match with the contents of the company as for example keeping medical directory which has no relation with your organization is more likely to give a negative impact on the dealership and can be shut down as spam. Higher the quality of the content the better will be the outcome

Avoid copy paste

If you copy paste it will have a huge risk in your business and also it will show negative impact on SEO. unique content will surely be approached by someone if you are caught by copying someone content you will be penalised.

Pay for links

Paying or buying links will help your website to ranked in SERPs but it is against SEO which will be given a bad name to organic search result. If you are found that you are buying or paying links google will send you a warning notification and if you are continuing to do so you will be penalized and also it will effect on your website.

Duplicate Contents

If your content are matched with someone else content and it will impact on your website, many sites are being penalized by having same contents if you are penalized by google it will impact on your business.

Use external links

Using external links more often is bad for your site if you are getting highly link it will give your profile a bad name it will effect in your SEO as well as in website ranking.

By — Marak Technologies Private Limited, an IT, Software and Solution provider from Shillong with branch in Kolkata serving all around the globe.

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