The populist right contributor on a progressive forum: the vocabulary

With neoliberalism feeling on the run, it has had to re-invent itself, shape-shift into something different. It had to almost pretend to oppose some of the values it stands for, revive class politics and claim to be ‘for the people against the elites’. For that, it needed a new language, a new set of terms, each with its own meaning, so that it can fully exploit its new guise. Gone are the ‘wealth-creators’ and the ‘47%’ remarks, gone is the arrogant attitude of ‘be thankful for your job, plebeian’ and ‘the rich are rich because they deserve to be where they are’. Now, it is all about the downtrodden victimised masses rising up against those metropolitan liberal financial globalist elites (the latter including, presumably, most of Donald Trump’s cabinet, but that is never quite put in these terms).

We have all seen those people — constantly taking offence at everything, constantly gloating, always on the attack , always repeating the same identikit cliched remarks and soundbites— invade our forums and comments pages, and so it is time to study the basic language of those new adherents more closely.

Airily — the way every ‘progressive’ always talks, irrespective of content.

Censorship — what the speaker is to call objection to the ‘right’ (from the speaker’s point of view) kind of abuse (see Daily Mail, Enemies of the People).

related: snowflake

Compromise — a full and immediate acceptance of the key points in the speaker’s world view. Mainly relating to immigration and Brexit. In particular, suggesting the speaker cannot understand the complexity of the issues surrounding those two is ‘refusal to compromise’.

Contempt — anyone who suggests the speaker might be wrong about anything has contempt for the speaker by definition

related: dismiss.

Control — (1) something everyone will have in the speaker’s nirvana, but what it is is never specified.

Control — (2) a placeholder to stand for whatever the speaker wishes to uphold. Usually immigration control or Brexit.

related: freedom

Despise — what anyone daring to disagree with the Right’s narrow agenda does to the speaker, irrespective of content.

related: force one’s opinion on

Disenfranchising — (1) applying the law of the land if the outcome does not benefit the speaker’s side of the debate.

Disenfranchising — (2) arguing against any sort of election or referendum result. See also ‘moaning’.

Freedom of speech — a term to be invoked whenever the speaker is told to shut up because they are being ridiculous and/or offensive.

Globalist paymasters — the people behind the Left, who somehow, for some strange reason keep paying the people wishing to bring them down. Particular hate figures: Soros, George

Hate — any sort of pointing out of wrongful treatment towards a minority or their sympathisers, no matter how nicely and gently worded.

Labour voters — only those Labour voters who backed Brexit. Usually prefaced by ‘abandoned’ or ‘ignored’.

related: traditional labour supporters, real Labour voters

Left-wing — anyone to the right of the tories who has done something wrong, ever. Includes all the democrats in america. Used for instance to conflate Corbyn with Clinton or Blair.

related: leftie

Metropolitan establishment — a mysterious cabal hellbent on screwing over the worker. Note: must _not_ include any people with actual real power, e.g. Donald Trump.

related: elite, metropolitan elite, establishment

Moaning — any discussion of any outcome of a democratic process that doesn’t fully agree with the winning side. This includes any possible interpretation of said outcome, bar the strongest. (See Brexit, Hard).

Neo-liberalism — immigration and free trade. Nothing else counts.

related: globalisation

Not listening — not agreeing with the speaker immediately and 100%.

related: refusing to compromise

Out of touch — what anyone who disagrees with the speaker is in by default.

related: echo chamber, bubble, retreating to a safe space

Patronising and crass — (1) Anyone who objects to treatment of immigrants (eg. Allen, Lily).

Patronising and crass — (2) More broadly, anyone who happens to be horrified with the state of the country without mentioning it all being down to immigration

Progressive — a term hijacked by the evil leftists. In reality they are regressive, and the speaker needs to point it out.

Racist — (1) the term Leftists use to shut down debate. Real (white) racists are acknowledged to exist in theory in real life, but that’s always glossed over.

Racist — (2) Any ethnic minority member who ever says something ill-advised towards any member of the white British population.

Racist — (3) What Progressives supposedly think about anyone opposing restrictions on immigration.

Safe spaces — places where people object to disruptive behaviour by the speaker are by definition safe spaces ‘where people are afraid of dissenting views’

Self-righteous — anyone who dares to put forward a different set of values to the speaker’s.

related: lecturing, talking down to

Silent majority — people who agree with the speaker. Is always assumed to be totally homogeneous and possess a common opinion.

related: electorate, the nation, the working class

Sneering — someone who points out that some people may not know certain facts or understand certain issues.

related: division, hate, moral sense of supremacy

Somebody else’s fault — supposedly the philosophy of the left. Note: must NEVER refer to blaming anything on immigrants.

Taking control — a blanket term for whatever political event the speaker deems positive.

also: taking back control

Virtue signalling — anybody who attempts to put forward a plea to people’s better side (see Lineker, Gary). Note: freedom of speech does not, repeat not, apply to those people, they need to be shut up and hounded out of their jobs. And publicly whipped if possible.

Miscellaneous tactics not related to specific words:

Communal taking of offence. Suppose a group’s worst member is called out: the whole group is then assumed to be smeared. E.g. suppose there are 100 people in the room who want to oppose immigration: only one is genuinely racist. If someone calls this one person out as racist, every person in the room is to take it personally.

Omissions. Anything omitted is immediately assumed by the speaker to be omitted deliberately — no matter how tangential it is to the question at hand. The same does not apply to their own discourse.

Shaming by proxy. Any positive description of certain vulnerable groups (esp. immigrants) is to be taken by the speaker as an attempt to shame ‘the right-thinking workers’ and to be called out as such.

To be continued…