Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

To add to my previous post, it’s great for you to mention the need for the emphasis on Labour’s own brand of patriotism from the beginning and the need to reassure small businesses early on, to fight the Tories on their own ground.

If even I realised it back then, why couldn’t they?

I actually think shunning the media early on wasn’t a bad idea, _but_ it meant that when he made speeches he really had to shine, to deliver an outstanding message. He didn’t do that, and it is the achievement of his supporters — people like yourself — that people associate him with anything coherent and structured.

There are however so many commentators on the left who could have helped him — yourself and George Montbiot for example, people who work in the media and understand it, one presumes that you offered to help and were not really utilised?

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